Obama’s foreign policy described in one word: Catastrophic

CATASTROPHIC.  That is the only word that can adequately describe Obama’s foreign policy discussions during his tenure as president.

Russia’s armed intervention in the Syrian civil war is just the latest example of his failure to lead.

Yet, Obama has been nothing if not consistent. Mr. Zerobama

What many see as bungling, naiveté, or evidence of a plot to destroy America is simply the consequence of a particularly warped view of interstate relations that Obama has openly and frequently endorsed.

Obama came into office chanting all the mantras of idealistic internationalism. Obama promised to “rebuild the alliances, partnerships, and institutions necessary to confront common threats and enhance common security.” He rejected the idea that sovereign nations seek power to pursue their own interests.

Instead of force as the arbiter of conflict, Obama championed “tough diplomacy”, promising our enemies to “seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect,” and to “extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”

Central to Obama’s idealism is the false notion that humanity is progressing away from violence as an instrument of state policy and towards a world of international institutions focused on verbal engagement and discussion. According to Obama, any nation that behaves contrary to this belief is doomed to fail.

Obama has evoked this warped belief in his dealings with Russia’s aggression. Scolding Putin’s attacks on Ukraine, claiming that he is the “bored kid in the back of the classroom” making trouble because he doesn’t understand that he “looks at problems through this Cold War lens, and, as a consequence  . . . he’s missed some opportunities for Russia to diversify its economy, to strengthen its relationship with its neighbors, to represent something different than the old Soviet-style aggression.”

But what if Russia wants something other than a diversified economy and good relations with it neighbors?

Sure seems that way… as Putin has taken over Crimea, solidified his hold on eastern Ukraine, and has now replaced the U.S. as the dominant power in the Middle east. Putin’s methods may be crude but they work.

As for our commander and chief, his fetish for diplomacy and aversion to force has laid the groundwork for the new anti-American alliance and the cooperation of Iran, Russia, and Iraq.

As Russia bombs and puts boots on the ground in Syria, Obama is still preaching diplomacy, not action.

Russia acts while Obama and Kerry “discuss.”

Now is not the time for words, its a time for action. We must stop this before its too late.

It’s important that we spread the word about this terrifying alliance and arm Americans with the facts.

Obama’s catalog of failure has been the fruit of the bad ideas he expressed as a candidate and then as president. These widely shared ideas, moreover, have a long history, and ultimately reflect the mistaken assumption that humanity is progressing away from violence to peaceful coexistence, since all peoples across the globe are “just like us” and share the same aims.

Obama has misunderstood every one of our adversaries and enemies from the mullahs in Iran to Vladimir Putin.

The human race is not progressing towards some peaceful utopia, because human nature has not advanced that much over the last three millennia. The desire for power, resources, and status is as constant among nations as it is among men, and force is the eternal means of achieving those aims. To think that such men can be talked or bargained out of what they perceive is their interests is sheer folly.

The truth is, war is not an anomaly or evidence of a failure to progress, but a sad constant of state relations. To think otherwise is to encourage the bold and violent and the death and misery they leave in their wake. The 4 million Syrian refugees and 250,000 dead after Obama’s bluster of “red lines” and “Assad must go” are testimony to this eternal truth.

Now we look ahead. Can this be stopped? Reversed?  Can the U.S. reclaim its status as the dominant power in the Middle East? Will our country have the courage to fight back?

If you’ve been reading FrontPage Magazine over the last few years you know one thing, our writers will not turn down the heat on this issue. Not on Obama, not on Kerry, but also not on the Media or the GOP leaders in the House and Senate. All feet will be held to the fire.  This is not about Party; this is about our national security, and the security of the free world.

We will be turning up the heat, not only at FrontPage and TruthRevolt, not only in our publications of eBooks and pamphlets, but we need your help to ensure we get these materials into the hands of as many Americans as possible, to make certain they are armed with the facts.


[by David Horowitz and staff at the David Horowitz Freedom Center]


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As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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