Obama: If one lie is good, two lies must be twice as good…

Our Liar-in-Chief...

Two lies in one short statement.

Lie No. 1:  Obama is not a Christian, does not know or believe in the Bible, and does not attempt to promote or live by his claimed faith.  Throughout his time in office it has become obvious that if he can claim to be a proponent of ANY faith, that faith is Islam.  (Always remember: Islam is the faith that tells its adherents to kill those who are unbelievers, just as we have seen them act over and over again. Islam is NOT a religion of peace.)

Lie No. 2:  Obama does not believe in traditional one man – one woman marriage, since he continually promotes and espouses gay marriage.

A real inspiration and role model for US citizens, don’t you think?




As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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