Clinton lies and scandals (continued)…

As promised, “Hillary’s Top Scandals” Part 2

12.  Hillary’s “missing” law firm billing records.  Federal investigators subpoenaed in 1994 Hillary’s billing records from her days as a partner in the Rose Law Firm during the Watergate scandal. Hillary said she didn’t have the 115 pages of billing files the investigators were looking for, claiming among other things that she had only a minor role in the law firm’s activity. The Washington Examiner later reported, however, that “when the records mysteriously turned up in the White House in 1996, they showed that Hillary met repeatedly with key figures in the scandal.”

13.  Pardongate: Hillary’s Senate contributions.  Just before Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001, he granted numerous controversial pardons…including to convicted tax evader Marc Rich, whose wife made significant contributions to to Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign and the Clinton presidential library. Hillary’s brothers, Tony and Hugh Rodham, reportedly received large amounts of money from people who were pardoned by Bill Clinton. Hillary, of course, said she and Bill knew nothing about the scheme.

14.  Hillary’s nearly 10,000% profit in the futures market.  Hillary made massive profits in cattle futures trading when Bill was attorney general of Arkansas. With no experience whatsoever, but with valuable connections at big Arkansas employer Tyson Foods, she made nearly $100,000 from a tiny $1,000 investment. Tyson Foods at the same time just happened to benefit from several state decisions, including favorable environmental rulings, $9 million in state loans, and placement of company executives on important state boards. The huge windfall profit enabled the Clintons to buy a house and investment real estate.

15.  Finding dead people: the “Clinton body count.”  The “Clinton body count” is a collection of names of people associated with Clinton scandals, people who have died mysteriously and often violently. Reporter David Bresnahan broke this story in the summer of 1997. “I started looking into all the various deaths of people who were involved in various Clinton scandals,” Bresnahan said. “I started to investigate the entire picture instead of just one focused event. Nobody out there was putting it all together. If you look at one scandal, you’ll find one dead guy. But when you investigate all the Clinton scandals, you find similarities, you find common tactics and you find dead people. Not only did I find a list of dead people, but I also found there are over 100 people who have refused to testify. There are also 45 people who have gone to jail, some of them White House staff, cabinet members, and people from the Justice Department.” Bresnahan’s research was a source of terror among enemies of the Clintons, but an even greater source of terror for those close to the Clintons, since the closest people appeared to die younger and more inexplicably than the others.

16.  Hillary’s radical pal, Saul Alinsky.  Dick Morris, a former top political adviser to Bill Clinton both as governor of Arkansas and when he was president, has said that “the revelation of how closely linked her efforts were back in the 80s, and have been since, to an Alinsky radical front group is deeply disturbing and expands our understanding of Hillary’s fundamental radicalism and commitment to the new left of Saul Alinsky.”

17.  Hillary laughs about her legal defense of a child rapist.  On the surface, Hillary seemed to maintain propriety when she said she was appointed to act as defense counsel and “I fulfilled that obligation.” However, there are tape recordings in which she boasts of knowing her client’s guilt and is heard laughing about the case. She laughed when she said “I had him take a lie detector test, which he passed, forever destroying my faith in polygraphs.” She also found it humorous when a crime lab accidentally destroyed DNA evidence that tied her client to the crime…especially so because it was Hillary’s defense to attack the 12-year-old rape victim as “emotionally unstable” and “engaging in fantasies.” In 2014 the woman who says she was raped by the defendant said that Hillary “took me through hell” and intentionally lied about her in court documents.

18.  Accepting financial contributions from the Iranian government.  The Clinton foundation has received many thousands of dollars in contributions indirectly from Iran. Hillary’s finance director for her 2008 presidential campaign was Hassan Nemazee, well known for his efforts to normalize US relations with the Iranian regime. In 2010 Nemazee pleaded guilty to running a Ponzi scheme in which he received $292 million in fraudulent loans; he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.  Peter Schweizer, whose current bestseller called “Clinton Cash” is both well researched and well written, has followed the Clinton money trail and revealed the connection between their personal fortune, their “close personal friends,” their foundation, many foreign governments, and some of the highest ranks in our US government. The Clinton conspiracy is now well documented.

19.  The foundation scandals keep on coming.  It appears indisputable that the Clintons have siphoned off tens of millions of dollars per year from their foundation. Both Bill and Hillary are complicit in the “systematic financial fraud which warrants a criminal investigation.” Enriching oneself through a nonprofit organization is expressly forbidden by law, but apparently the Clintons haven’t been told about that restriction. They continue to file false and “materially misleading” tax returns with the IRS and other governmental authorities, to the point that now some in the government are finally calling for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down. At least one of the members of the foundation board of directors has officially been accused of perjury and obstruction of justice.

20.  Four American lives lost in Benghazi.  State Department emails show Hillary knew while the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was under way that it was being carried out by terrorists. To this day, in fact, the State Department has failed to comply with the requests for more information from the Select Congressional Committee which has the responsibility of getting to the bottom of the Benghazi scandal.

21.  Peter F. Paul: Another Hillary friend goes to prison.  In a campaign donor relationship gone bad, this former Clinton friend has said “Hillary is carrying out her promise to finally destroy my family to punish me for exposing the corruption that elected her to the Senate.”

22.  Watergate: fired for being a liar.  Hillary was fired in 1974 from the staff of the House Judiciary Committee investigating the Watergate scandal; her then supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman, has said she is a liar and much worse. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer who conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”


[from an article appearing in the current issue of Whistleblower magazine]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Now that you know more of the truth about the “two for the price of one” Clintons, your best course of action, if you still want to vote Democrat in the upcoming election, is to seek out someone who really can put the interests of the country first and foremost. The Clintons have no idea how to do that, and worse, no desire to do that.




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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis




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