No American freedom has suffered under Obama like the freedom of religion…

Obama doing all he can to criminalize Christianity

Mr.  Obama came into office trying to sell us a vision for (all together now, ready?…hope and change. In practice, this vision has been realized by taking liberties from Americans one small pinch at a time. A little from the “freedom to bear arms” column, a little from the free market, a little from the education system, a little from the healthcare sector. But no freedom has suffered under his regime like the freedom of religion.

An accidental consequence? Not a chance.

Last year, Obama issued an executive order requiring all federal contractors to include protections for gays, lesbians, and transgender applicants. The order was an amendment to a Lyndon Johnson decree that forced federal contractors to adhere to non-discriminatory practices. Obama’s addition was enough to inspire strong concerns from faith-based groups that provide contracting for the federal government, but it was nothing compared to what’s coming down the line.

According to a report from The Center For Human and Family Rights, Obama wants to go a step further. He now wants any organization that accepts federal grant money to adhere to the same discrimination policies.

This move would put hundreds of faith-based groups in a prickly position, forcing them to choose between their religious beliefs and grant money. Many of these groups cannot survive without federal support, and the work they do provides immeasurable good for the community. But if they aren’t willing to employ the latest freak-of-the-week, then Obama is shutting down their allowance.

This is a decisive turnaround from the Bush days. President George W. Bush actually added an amendment to the Johnson order so that religious groups were exempt from the discrimination policies. But according to C-Fam’s sources, Obama isn’t interested in going the executive order route this time.

Instead, he is placing political pressure on federal agencies to revise their own policies. In other words, he wants to do this quietly. No fuss. No legal challenges. While that makes it easy for a Republican president to go in and reverse the policy, it could have disastrous effects in the meantime.

These are dark days for Americans of faith. This country was born on Christian principles. Yet every day, it is becoming harder for Christians to obey both God’s word and the law at the same time.

The United States was never meant to be a theocracy, of course, and there have always been conflicts between the law and the Bible. But never before has there been a concerted push to criminalize Christianity. We are throwing away hundreds of years of tradition and freedom in deference to a miniscule portion of the population.

Change is being delivered by the truckload. Hope? That’s still on back-order, and the government wants to make sure it stays there.

[from an article by Patriot News Daily]

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  The only true and infallible source of hope we have EVER had comes from the Bible, from “the God of hope.” The original Pilgrim settlers knew that, and believed it was worth uprooting themselves from England and coming to a whole new country. Our military, or most of it, certainly knows the source of our freedom, or our troops would not be as willing as they are to put themselves in harm’s way in order to preserve our freedom.  Throughout our history, most of our citizens have known that hope can only come from God…because we must hope IN God. If you want to continue to hope in government, in liberalism, in democrats, or even in the Declaration of Independence, go right ahead. But you will always be disappointed. Your life on this planet is GOING TO END. That end will be your death. When you die, you will either continue living eternally in the presence of God Himself, or you will live in eternal darkness and damnation. Because God is God, He makes the rules. That is never going to change. The man in the White House remains clueless as to the truth of this statement. He says he’s a Christian, but wants to make life for Christians as difficult as possible.


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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