Still more woes for Hillary…

No end in sight to the damaging disclosures…

If the first rule of scandal management is to completely purge the damaging information and cauterize the wound, Hillary Clinton is failing badly. We learned today that Clinton’s family foundation hid $26 million in foreign and corporate contributions as “revenue” on the grounds that the presumptive Democratic nominee or her husband or daughter gave speeches in exchange for the gifts. The donors include a Chinese energy consortium, a Nigerian newspaper, and Citibank. And later today we will get the first wave of her emails from a secret server.

Regarding the emails: “This is coming from an individual who when she worked at the State Department didn’t obey the law to begin with, which said she should have had an official email account on an official government server. So she’s already broken the law once, so now we’re to trust her that the ones she turned over are all of her emails? I personally won’t be satisfied till we look at the server.” – Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on “America’s Newsroom”


Rubio rips Hillary in N.H. – In an op-ed out today, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., challenges his potential opponent to, “…start having candid discussions with voters and the media…to answer to the widespread concerns regarding her tenure as Secretary of State and her cozy financial relationship with foreign leaders. If she believes that these are not issues voters should be concerned about, I challenge her to explain why.”


Walker brings thunder in Oklahoma – WiscNews: “The Oklahoma audience [at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference] erupted in cheers when [Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker] ticked off what he called ‘conservative reforms’ he pushed for in Wisconsin such as pushing the state to adopt right-to-work laws and requirements to ask for identification when voting, as well as de-funding Planned Parenthood. Walker on Thursday largely echoed speeches he has made on the stump in recent months, mentioning shopping for bargains at Kohl’s department stores and revealing he decided to seek a high state office to make Wisconsin a better state for his children.”


[by Chris Stirewalt, writing for Fox News First]




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