Clinton scandals and corruption reports becoming more serious almost daily…

The C stands for "corruption."According to an investigative report from the International Business Times that was released on Thursday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemed to suddenly change her mind about Colombian human/workers rights abuses just as the Clinton Foundation was receiving millions of dollars in donations from a Canadian firm with heavy interests in Colombian oil.

The Hill reported on the story and offered this brief summary of what the IBTimes found.

The report centers on donations from Frank Giustra and the oil company that he founded, Pacific Rubiales. In a Wall Street Journal storyfrom 2008, Giustra is described as a “friend and traveling companion” of former President Clinton who donated more than $130 million to Clinton’s philanthropies. He’s also a Clinton Foundation board member and has participated in projects and benefits for the foundation.

When workers at Pacific Rubiales decided to strike in 2011, the Columbian military reportedly used force to stop the strikes and compel them to return to work, IBT reports, citing the Washington office of Latin America, a human rights group. Those accusations of human rights violations were part of the criticism of the United States-Colombia Free Trade Promotion Agreement, which was passed by Congress later that year. Pacific Rubiales has repeatedly denied charges that it infringed on workers’ rights.

On the campaign trail in 2008, Hillary Clinton, along with then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, opposed the deal as a raw deal for workers, according to IBT. The pair changed their tune after the election and publicly supported the trade agreement. As secretary of State, Clinton’s State Department certified annually that Colombia was “meeting statutory criteria related to human rights.”

But wait, folks. It gets worse. Also, on Thursday Politico ran a story that showed that the Clinton Family Foundation had accepted millions of dollars in donations from the Morrocan government, even as the nation continued to violate human rights that Clinton pretends to care about.

Clinton had been scheduled to appear at the meeting in Marrakech, dubbed the Clinton Global Initiative Middle East and Africa Meeting, on May 5-7. But an official with the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation told POLITICO it’s “unlikely” the former secretary of state will join her husband, Bill. He is still expected at the event, as is Moroccan King Mohammed VI.

The event is being funded largely by a contribution of at least $1 million from OCP, a phosphate exporter owned by Morocco’s constitutional monarchy, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the event.

When Hillary Clinton announced the Marrakech meeting in September, she praised Morocco as “a vital hub for economic and cultural exchange” in a region “in the midst of dramatic changes.”

But in 2011, Clinton’s State Department had accused the Moroccan government of “arbitrary arrests and corruption in all branches of government.” And while the country that same year enacted a new constitution that guarantees gender equality, women’s rights advocates say Morocco’s family law still falls short of that promise.

The deeper the media continues to dig into the Clinton Family finances, the more dirt they are likely to find. I think most observers would now say that Hillary Clinton is not as “inevitable” as they once thought she would be. In fact, her chances of winning the Democrat nomination seem to sink further down each day… and her chances of being President seem far lower than ever before. Perhaps the American people are finally starting to realize just how corrupt, self-serving and disgusting Bill and Hillary Clinton really are.

[by Onan Coca, writing for EAGLE RISING]
As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by
NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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