“New record for cluelessness”…

U.S. President Barack Obama sets a new record for cluelessness, or deliberate obfuscation, by saying the Jewish victims of the Paris kosher supermarket attack were killed “randomly.”

It is no secret that Obama has no red lines. We saw it in Syria in the summer of 2013. Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons to massacre his own people in the suburbs of Damascus, and Obama passed the buck to Congress to avoid having to live up to the red line he himself had set.

Mr. O says...

Obama also has no red lines when it comes to jihadist terrorism. It is sometimes hard to understand if this is due to a lack of understanding, an altruistic outlook or, quite simply, a utopian worldview in which everyone loves everyone. For Obama, Islamic jihadists are an imaginary species from a George W. Bush-era science fiction film.

Ever since his Democratic Party’s losses in the midterm elections in November, Obama has had no limits. He continues to deny that Islamic terrorism is spreading around the world. And according to the White House, the Taliban is not a terrorist organization, but rather an “armed insurgency.” So what if in December this “insurgent group” slaughtered hundreds of children at a school in Pakistan?

As if rewriting reality was not enough, Obama is also rewriting history. Just a few days after a poor Jordanian pilot was horrifically burned to death by the Islamic State group, Obama explained that Christians had also committed terrible crimes during the Crusades and the Inquisition. Was this really the right time for such a statement? And has not the world advanced a little since the 11th century?

And then, in an interview with the Vox website, Obama belittled the threat of terrorism, saying the media’s focus on terrorism was based on the maxim, “If it bleeds, it leads.” After all, in Obama’s mind, al-Qaida has already been defeated (something he first claimed in 2012).

Yet, in my opinion, Obama set a new record for cluelessness, or deliberate obfuscation, when he told Vox that the Jewish victims of the terrorist attack at the kosher supermarket in Paris were killed “randomly.”

Enough! If the U.S. Embassy in Paris has not briefed you, sir, please let me do so. The terrorist, Amedy Coulibaly, was seen near the supermarket a few days before the attack as he was scouting Jewish businesses and institutions as potential targets. Surviving hostages said he spoke about his desire to kill Jews. The four victims of the supermarket attack were not killed “randomly.” They were killed because they were Jews. And they were buried in the Land of Israel.

This last ridiculous Obama statement is OUR red line.

[by Boaz Bismuth, writing for ISRAEL HAYOM]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Personally, we thought the cluelessness threshhold had been crossed back in September of last year, when Obama actually and deliberately stated, “The Islamic State is not Islamic.”  That must have been as much of a surprise to the Islamic State as it was to us Americans.  But if the Islamic State is not Islamic, then the Islamic terrorists are presumably not Islamic either, and maybe not even terrorists.  Guess that’s what passes for clear White House thinking…but thinking and raw brain cell activity are not the same thing, are they?  Kinda reminds us of the Clinton White House, when Bill said “I did not have sex with that woman!” and then was forced into the really silly position of trying to make sure everyone knew the meaning of the verb “is.”  If the White House were really thinking, and by White House we mean its primary occupant, then it would be thinking about what lies ahead beyond the occupant’s (thankfully last) term there. Obama is so focused on showing the world how illogical and — we have to say it — stupid and amateurish he is at the political game, that when it’s time for him to get paid for speechifying, absolutely nobody is going to be listening. Why? Because they will know he is collecting money for lying…which is just more of what he’s doing now. Would you pay to go hear a determined and proven liar? And by the way, just to set the record straight, the author above is trying to be polite…but “deliberate obfuscation” is precisely the definition of a lie.


Here’s one more recent piece of writing:

The rise of ISIS has demonstrated fully and conclusively how dangerous our president really is. He’s not just incompetent. He’s not just ideologically backwards. He’s actively dangerous. And it is in his denial of Islamic terrorism that he is at his most frightening.

It’s not just the way he talks. When he calls the Al Qaeda attack in Paris “random,” he’s not just using the first word that comes to mind. This is a choice of phrasing that has been defended by the White House Press Secretary. It has been defended by the State Department. This is a conscious administration attempt to take the focus off Islam and pretend that we’re dealing with random, unconnected crimes.

If you need any further proof, all you have to do is look at the interview Obama did with Vox’s Matthew Yglesias last week. In it, he downplays these attacks, saying that they are best handled on a case-by-case basis by local law enforcement, the same way any other crime might be handled. Obama wants to move us past the age of terrorism so badly that he’s willing to simply pretend it doesn’t exist. ISIS is a cult of one type. Al Qaeda is a cult of another type. Boko Haram another. Islam has nothing to do with it. Political/religious aims have nothing to do with it. They’re just bands of serial killers, like Middle Eastern Manson Families.

You can call Obama a great American patriot, but it doesn’t make it true. By the same token, you can call ISIS a death cult that has nothing to do with the Islamic faith, but that won’t be true, either. It wouldn’t matter what we called them as long as we were getting rid of them, but we’re not doing that. We’re giving them lip service, dropping a few bombs for show, and turning the focus back to the president’s pet issues like climate change and illegal immigrants.

Maybe he refuses to engage the war on terror because he wants to selfishly stay on his agenda. Maybe he refuses because he learned a twisted view of the world from Jeremiah Wright and other early influences. Maybe he refuses because he’s scared. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he is exposing this country, its allies, and innocent people all around the world to danger by denying the truth. The terrorist problem isn’t going away. With Obama telegraphing U.S. weakness, it is only going to get worse.



As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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