US citizens are more confused than ever…

Well, here we are. A brand new year.

Trouble is, it looks a lot like the old year we just left.

Nothing seems to make sense so far in this new year, either…

2015 looks confused...

2015 looks pretty confused, just like 2014…

The two articles shown above were two of many on a well-known US and world news compilation website called WATCH.ORG. They were posted and shown just as we’ve copied them.

Apparently, Americans still admire greatly Dr. Billy Graham, the well-known evangelist who is now in his nineties.  We share that admiration. He has written many excellent Christian books; he has spoken to millions of people all over the world for more than 60 years, telling them of the great God who loves them and gave His own Son, Jesus Christ, as the only possible sacrifice to redeem us from our sins; and Dr. Graham has done all this with never a whiff of controversy or scandal.

As the second article will show, however, a US Army chaplain, a CHRISTIAN Chaplain who presumably was taken into the Army for the purpose of doing essentially the same thing as Rev. Graham, telling our Army troops about the same great God and the same great sacrifice, was reprimanded because he wanted to deliver that same message to the troops under his care.

Does this even begin to make sense to you? Of course it doesn’t. It can’t.

Was there a complaint against the chaplain? Yes. One complaint. An atheist trooper decided that the message coming from his chaplain was something that unbelieving soldier didn’t want to hear.

Most soldiers in the military, today and throughout history, had at least enough sense to think, “Gosh, I’m now in the military, there’s a pretty good chance that other people might be trying to kill me while I’m wearing this uniform, so maybe I should do a little homework on this God question. Maybe I should try to make sure the chaplain is right in what he’s been telling me.”

Is it hard to reach that point of deciding what’s right and what’s nonsense? Of course not. It’s easier now than it has ever been. Now you can sit in front of your computer and do nothing but click from one website to another to another. You don’t even have to go to all the effort required to actually lift a book off the shelf and open it.

Since it is now so totally simple to get the right information and make an informed decision which is going to effect your eternity, please allow us to suggest that you do it. Do not put it off. If you somehow manage to die tomorrow and face eternity, you must know what’s ahead of you. More than that, you must be PREPARED for what’s ahead of you.

Things are only going to get MORE CONFUSED and MORE CONFLICTED as we go forward into the rest of this year and those which may follow. How do we know? Because we read the Book. And we visit the website.

As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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