Obama lied to the American public over and over again in trying to sell his health care program, and now we find that his administration just thinks we’re nothing but stupid and gullible. How did America manage to elect this man?

The American people were lied to repeatedly, and now we’re being called “stupid.”

President Obama promised that Obamacare didn’t fund abortion. That was a lie.

The Administration promised it wasn’t a tax. A lie. They promised it would save us money. Another lie. They promised the new healthcare law will allow us to keep our plans and our doctors. Not true. None of it. All deliberate lies.

We have seen Obamacare premiums rise by huge amounts for both businesses and individuals. If your auto insurance policy, which is usually renewable every six months, costs you, say, $600 this time around and then you get a renewable policy notice in the mail for the same policy at $1000 for the next six months, would you be on the phone to your insurance agent pretty quickly? Absolutely you would. People are hopping mad because of the same thing happening with Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act is turning out to be anything but affordable.  Just another big lie from the Big O. (That’s either an OH or a ZERO, depending on your frame of mind at this point regarding the current Democrat occupant of the Oval Office. For us, it’s a ZERO. A big one.)

Now the architect of Obamacare is calling the American people “stupid.” On at least three different occasions over the past couple of years, the man who was the principal designer of the Affordable Care Act said, on camera and without any hesitation, that Americans are stupid. Too stupid to understand what we need in the way of health care, and too stupid to know that the administration is selling us down the river with its Affordable Care Act. (If you’re not really upset yet at the treatment you’ve been getting over the past six years from the Big O and his administration, you should be.)

Obama himself, the White House staff, the folks who put together the whole Obamacare program, the democrats in the House and Senate, the IRS, the Clinton-led State Department, the Veterans Administration…lies, incompetence, and more lies from all of them.

Obama and his “my way or the highway” approach to the presidency has been challenged again and again by people who are used to, at a minimum, a civil exchange of ideas in this country. Obamacare has been challenged in court often; its abortion-pill mandate was defeated in 7 cases and at the Supreme Court.

Now we have a real chance to defeat Obamacare at the Supreme Court and get you a shot at a healthcare program you can afford and which addresses your best interests. When the healthcare practitioners, the hospitals, and the health insurance companies all don’t like the same government-dictated program, that should tell you something.

Take action with us.


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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