Another Friday Free-For-All…we laugh, we cry…

First, let’s laugh…

Or just rose-colored glasses...

Those doggone videos...

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive...

What problem? I don't see a problem...

Nothing to worry about, folks...

Best defense is a good offensive VP...

Now, the crying part…

It’s no secret that liberal Democrats want to turn 11 to 15 million illegal aliens into US citizens and registered Democrats. Barack Obama has been on the verge of using his executive powers to override Congress and grant amnesty and open the road to citizenship for the millions of illegals. I believe his whole purpose is to undermine traditional American patriotism and to secure millions of votes for his fellow Democrats throughout the country.
Evidently, one Department of Homeland Security official in the extremely liberal land of nuts, fruits and flakes, otherwise known as California, has taken Obama’s agenda to a new level. Mai Nhu Nguyen, who immigrated to the US from Vietnam and became a naturalized citizen the legal way, works for the DHS’s Citizenship and Immigration Services division.

Nguyen was, as one person put it, holding a fire sale on US citizenship. She was caught selling citizenship and legal residency status papers to illegals for thousands of dollars. In one instance, she sold a coveted ‘green card’ or paperwork indicating that a person had legal immigrant status to a Vietnamese person for $1,000.

The FBI worked with the DHS Inspector General’s office on the case and found that Nguyen, 48 years old, solicited bribes from Vietnamese immigrants resulting in her abusing her power to approve or deny applications for immigration status and benefits.

To avoid a lot of publicity, which would be very bad for Obama and California Democrats, the case against Nguyen was kept quiet and she agreed to a plea deal that could land her up to three years in prison.

NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  If you’re not crying yet, this is a good place to start, the part where the case was kept quiet to avoid [more] bad publicity for the White House…like they haven’t had any negative press lately…but do we cry from laughing harder, or do we cry because there is absolutely no end to the stupidity that keeps coming from the White House?

Nguyen is not the only government official to be busted in taking bribes for immigration and citizenship approval. Two Foreign Service Officers (FSO) have been arrested for selling US visas to Vietnamese immigrants. They have both been charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and bribery.

It seems that the market on illegally obtained immigration and citizenship documents is a big business in places like California which has opened its arms to illegals from anywhere. Malcolm Seston, a highway patrol officer commented:

“As it is, the driver’s license is no longer an accurate and reliable form of identification, with so many cases of [Motor Vehicles Department’s] MVD’s involvement in fraud and bribery.”

If that’s the case, what documentation can be trusted these days? I still think it best to round up the 11-15 million illegals and ship them back to their home countries. As it would be very expensive, I’d recommend that the US bill each country for the cost of arresting, detaining and deporting their people back to them. That could net the government over a billion dollars. It would also reduce crime and the economic draining on local, state and federal governments. It would also remove further infection of contagious diseases that some illegals are bringing over with them including TB, Dengue fever, chicken pox and H1N1 swine flu. It might also help send a few Islamic militants and terrorists back to their own countries as well. Then I would station US military troops along the entire US-Mexico border with orders to keep out illegals with whatever force is necessary.

It’s time we start protecting our own country and our own citizens and take this country back from the millions of illegals that are doing their best to fit right in [as they try to take advantage of a good thing]…

[by Dave Jolly, writing for GODFATHER POLITICS]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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