US troops now using Turkey air bases to launch attacks against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria…

AH-64 Apache attack helicopter

Turkey has given the go-ahead to the United States to use its military bases as a jumping point to launch operations against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Department of Defense officials said.

The announcement follows a concerted White House effort to get Turkey to take on a more prominent role in the fight against the terrorist organization.

The New York Times reported that a team of U.S. military members are due to meet with Turkish officials this week to work out the details — including what types of missions can be flown from the bases.

Gen. Martin Dempsey said during a Sunday televised talk show that American ground troops could very well be flown in to Iraq and Syria to serve as advisers for ongoing combat operations, The New York Times reported.

NORM ‘n’ AL Note: The AH-64 Apache has been in service for years, and is a lethal air weapon. It can attain speeds of nearly 200 mph and reach altitudes of 21,000 feet.
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NORM ‘n’  AL, Minneapolis

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