Obama’s latest NATO comments are called “6 piles of bovine excrement” by Allen B. West…

Allen West talks about Obama...I’m listening to President Barack Hussein Obama read more empty rhetoric and here is my assessment during his NATO press conference as he shoveled it on.

1. He stated that NATO’s “combat” mission in Afghanistan will end in three months — I hope they sent the memo to the Taliban and got their consent. Obama just doesn’t seem to understand the enemy has a vote, and they are not disrupted, defeated, and certainly not destroyed – we’re just quitting again.

2. He stated we’ll defend every NATO ally — he should have expressed how, because Obama’s decision to cancel the missile defense shield sent a very telling message to Eastern Europe and Vladimir Putin.

3. Obama committed to a NATO rapid response force — what forces? I served in 1984-1987 in the NATO Allied Mobile Force (Land) which was comprised of several National Airborne units — mine was based out of Vicenza Italy. Obama is cutting our U.S. military – funny, since he stated that all NATO member countries agreed to a 2 percent of GDP increase in military spending — he ain’t doing it!

4. Obama committed unyielding support to Ukraine and its sovereignty — well, kinda late since Russia has the Crimea and is building a land bridge through eastern Ukraine as well. Obama said support to Ukraine will be via non-lethal support. But in case he hasn’t read his intel briefs, Russian military forces have invaded Ukraine and are using LETHAL force — hence why Ukrainian leader Poroshenko has succumbed to a cease fire. Yes, Russia realizes there are consequences to its actions – which is why Putin continues to advance, as no one is stopping him.

So my assessment from President Obama’s NATO press conference is just more bovine excrement that upon review makes no sense. I’m listening to the question and answer portion and it’s just painful to listen to Obama without a teleprompter or prepared words. Oh wait, there’s another couple piles.

5. He said we’re going to degrade and defeat, or is it destroy ISIS just like, he claims, we did al-Qaida — who by the way is establishing itself in the Indian subcontinent. Our enemies are laughing at us as long as we keep putting this charlatan on a stage.

6. Oh – and Obama just came up with another new word — we must dismantle them. So which one is it, Mr. President — destroy, defeat, disrupt, or dismantle? However, we won’t be placing U.S. forces on the ground — he keeps telling our enemy what he is not willing to do.

Folks, Obama has no clue – or he’s following his grand plan.

[by Allen B. West]


(NORM ‘n’ AL Note: If Obama’s “grand plan” is selling out the USA to Muslim “extremists,” then his plan is obviously well underway….)


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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