Obama mentioning Christianity more often as election day approaches. New levels of faith in the White House? Nope, just new levels of desperation…

With the 2014 mid-term elections fast approaching, Mr. Obama is desperate.

How desperate? In recent weeks this man who has spent his presidency pandering to Muslims has gone out of his way to work the God of Christianity into his speeches. How odd is this?  Consider: Thanks to secular humanists such as Barack Obama as well as anti-Christian bigots on the left, the only Americans who can be discriminated against without fear of retribution these days are Christians. Through the unrelenting political and cultural manipulations of the left, the Constitutional principle of freedom OF religion has been transformed into freedom FROM religion.

Hardly a day goes by without reports of discrimination against Americans of the Christian faith. Now, in spite of his ambivalence toward any religion but Islam, Barack Obama is acting as if he has suddenly gotten religion; and not just any religion, but the Christian religion. Although it is not uncommon for people facing adversity to be knocked to their knees—and Barack Obama has faced plenty of adversity of his own making recently—it is difficult to accept that the president’s recent mentioning of Christianity in his speeches is anything but an act of political desperation. Even his pandering to Muslims for the past six years has been more the result of political calculation than true belief. Barack Obama has shown himself to be a politician who believes in just one thing: his personal and political agenda, which are one and the same. This being the case, he will say or do anything that supports his agenda.

Attempts to remove Christianity from American life began well before Barack Obama was elected president, but during his administration anti-Christian bigotry has been given a green light. As a result, it has increased noticeably. Obama’s sycophantic pandering to Muslims at home and abroad coupled with his own secular humanistic lifestyle has empowered anti-Christian bigots to go on the attack during his administration, and they have done so with gusto. While public schools, colleges, and universities across this country rush to accommodate Muslim students who are called to prayer five times daily, Christian students are being disciplined for such offensives as carrying a Bible in their backpacks or mentioning Christ in classroom discussions. Let a Christian student refer to evolution as a theory and he is lucky if just failing his biology class is the worst of his punishment. He will probably be expelled from school and charged with a hate crime.

President Obama had the temerity in a recent speech to claim that “Christian faith and determination” are things that “government programs and policies can’t replace.” Oh really? Why then are he and other liberals trying so hard to do precisely that: replace Christianity with government control. It isn’t what the president said that is so annoying. He is absolutely right that government programs cannot replace Christian faith. What riles is that Barack Obama—a president who had done nothing to lessen the bigotry that is sweeping Christianity from the public square—made the statement. He is lucky lightning did not strike him. It is difficult to comprehend the level of hypocrisy necessary for President Obama to make such a statement.

Let me be clear on this subject. Barack Obama has a well-established track record of identifying people who can help him get elected or serve other purposes for him and then, his purposes served, tossing them aside like used Kleenex. He did it to Oprah Winfrey, he did it to Bill Clinton, and he is in the process of doing it to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Now in an attempt to rescue his party from the manifest failures of his own administration, Barack Obama is attempting to use Christianity as a political lever. Is there a thinking person alive who really believes this president is sincere when he casually drops lines about Christianity and the church into his increasingly desperate speeches?

Do not be misled by Barack Obama, a president who could not find his way to the nearest Christian church without the assistance of GPS. This is a man for whom Sunday is just another day on the golf course. His ineptitude and consequent failures have put the Democratic Party at risk in 2014 and possibly in 2016. If Democrats lose the Senate in 2014 and the presidency in 2016, the fault will rest with Barack Obama, and the destruction of so-called progressivism will be his presidential legacy. This is why President Obama is working Christianity into his speeches.

[by David L. Goetsch, writing for PATRIOT UPDATE]


NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  More and more the US media, at least those without blinders on or a terminal case of debilitating timidity, are beginning to see Mr. O for what he truly is: An Oval Office occupant who is not qualified to be there, who replaces the qualifications he lacks with an overarching sense of personal opportunism. As we have all seen and heard, Mr. O will say anything he thinks will get him a little further down the road toward the goals of his liberal Democrat allies.  He has lied about abortion, about his own birth, about his plans for US taxes, US energy, US immigration, the IRS, Iran, Iraq, Islam, Israel, his own healthcare program, even about his faith. (If he has any at all, it is NOT Christianity.)  Mr. O has lied so often and so egregiously that even Democrats are starting to roll their eyes at his whoppers!

You elected him, America. Hope you’re happy! Next time pick someone who is qualified to hold the office. It should be pretty easy, now that you know exactly what unqualified looks like and sounds like…


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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