Barbarism and chaos in America and the Middle East…

ISIS has now barbarically beheaded an American Christian journalist.

They’re threatening to behead another American journalist.

They continue issuing death threats against American Pastor Saeed.

They’re indiscriminately massacring Iraqi Christians.

This brutal jihadist army has made their appalling goal clear: Kill Christians; kill Americans.

The threat is real. The brutality is incomprehensible.

ISIS will kill as many Christians in its own territory as it can, and then it will begin moving abroad in its search for more Christians. Why? Because its “holy book,” the Koran, tells Muslims they will be rewarded for killing all infidels. Infidels are, by definition, people who are not Muslims, who do not ascribe to Islam. (This is the same Islam that continues to call itself “a religion of peace.”)

America must act. We must defend Christians wherever they are being attacked and brutally executed simply because they are Christian. We poured money and manpower into a war in Iraq, and we then left that war before it was won and the country was stable. Iraq is now ISIS, the new Islamic state. Al Qaeda, the same peaceful organization which took down the WTC towers on 9-11, is now ISIS. The terrorists who are sending rockets by the thousands into Israel are ISIS sympathizers and are supported financially by other independent Muslim countries. We are still fighting a war in Afghanistan, but we have already declared a date on which we consider that war will be over, whether it is won or not. (The precise mistake we already made in Iraq.)

We must stop ISIS now before it’s too late.

The last time we saw genocide on the ISIS scale was during the Holocaust in the 1930s and 1940s.  President Obama must take decisive action to stop what even he admits is “a cancer” (which hardly begins to describe what ISIS is doing), or he will still be working on his golf game when ISIS comes ashore in America looking for more infidels. (They will be very easy to find here.)

We must aid Christians, arm those defending them, and defeat ISIS.

Some people understand better when they see pictures. Please look at those below…they are very easy to find with any quick Internet search. (We hesitate to post these photos, but the world needs to understand that the ISIS threat is a real one.) The ISIS terrorism and brutality is not random. It has been verified, in fact, that in Syria and in other locations there are established “human slaughterhouses” for Christians. This is also easy to validate with an Internet search.

Islamic execution

James Foley, American journalist


Islamic execution

Islamic execution

Islamic executions of children

Islamic executions of children


Will you be working on YOUR golf game when the terrorists come ashore in the US again? Or are you going to be one of those to stand up and demand that the USA show some backbone and resolve for a change?  Start contacting your elected senators and representatives and voice your disgust at the way the USA is not leading the world any more, but is now merely another national follower.

When the terrorists are leading and we do nothing to stop them, the end is truly near at hand.


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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