How Mr. Obama views the Hamas vs. Israel conflict is “appalling” …

“Appalling” and “disgraceful” correctly defined:

Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians.

Hamas  uses Palestinian children as human shields.

How did President Obama respond?

He said, “Hamas acts extraordinarily irresponsibly.”

NORM ‘n’ AL Note: Mr. O should know very well what “extraordinary irresponsibility” looks like, shouldn’t he? (He should, but he doesn’t.) US citizens certainly know what it looks like.


Kids act “irresponsibly” when they drive too fast or stay out too late. Hamas wasn’t “irresponsible;” it was evil. It has been committing war crimes, pure and simple. Evil is having no concern for lives on either side of the conflict.

But while the Obama Administration gently chastises Hamas for its barbaric and demonic lack of concern for human life, it goes after Israel by calling one of its precision attacks “appalling” and “disgraceful.” Israel’s precision responses are designed to minimize loss of life to civilians, and they do just that. The entire world knows by now that the only reason the losses in Gaza are so much higher than the losses in Israel is simply that the Hamas combatants think nothing of firing their rockets from schools and public areas, in order to draw Israeli fire in response. More casualties mean more sympathy for Hamas, at least in perverted Hamas thinking.

THAT is what is appalling and disgraceful.

In reality, Hamas is disgraceful while Israel is heroic.

[from a letter received from Jay Sekulow, director of the American Center for Law and Justice]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis




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