Here and abroad: US and Israeli writers focus on the conflict…

From the US:

The Obama Administration just can’t stop appeasing terrorists.

Would you believe that Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged $47 million – your tax dollars – in so-called “humanitarian” aid to the Gaza Strip?

Yet we know that Hamas diverts at least 40% of its budget to build terror tunnels into Israel.

Why would the United States give humanitarian aid to Gaza when the Obama Administration knows that Hamas uses humanitarian aid to build tunnels, bombs, and rockets?

Israeli soldiers lost their lives to destroy Hamas’ terror infrastructure. Let’s not use American tax dollars to rebuild it.

We’re mobilizing our resources on Capitol Hill to stop this outrageous abuse. The Obama Administration should not rebuild what Israel had to destroy. Say no to appeasement. Say no to U.S. tax dollars to rebuild Hamas.

[by Jay Sekulow, of the American Center for Law and Justice]


From Israel:

The U.S. is Israel’s most important ally. It has provided us with arms and only last week Congress granted us additional funds to further develop the Iron Dome. It has also used its political clout to deflect hostile resolutions and sanctions at the international level. But we should be under no illusions — the relationship between Israel and the U.S. is currently under great strain.

 Notwithstanding cryptic statements by both the Israeli and U.S. governments, denying the veracity of a recently publicized transcript of a toxic telephone conversation between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama, Israeli public television’s highly respected foreign news editor Oren Nahari adamantly stands by his story, stressing that the source who gave him the transcript was a reliable senior U.S. official, not the Prime Minister’s Office.

The president is alleged to have harshly demanded that Netanyahu accept an immediate unilateral cease-fire and informed him that the U.S. was committed to ending the blockade of Gaza. Netanyahu pointed out that the U.S. administration was undermining the cease-fire by substituting Egyptian mediation with Qatar and Turkey, reminding Obama that the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Qatar finances and provides arms to Hamas and other terrorist groups including the Islamic State group. He also could have pointed out that Turkey’s demagogic prime minister has been stoking hysterical anti-Israeli sentiment and vile anti-Semitism, even demanding that his own Jewish community condemn Israel.

Obama allegedly responded by telling Netanyahu that he was not in a position to advise America who should act as mediators. Lending credence to this exchange was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who, a few days later, told CNN that the U.S. must cooperate with the Qataris, “who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” It is mind-boggling that a Democratic congressional leader can describe as “humanitarian” a genocidal organization with similar objectives to al-Qaida, whose charter explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.

There were also tense exchanges between the Prime Minister’s Office and Secretary of State John Kerry, now notorious for his inappropriate comments and contradictory statements.

There have been efforts by both parties to calm the waters. U.S. officials have reiterated their commitment to Israel and re-endorsed Israel’s right to defend itself. Obama has now, belatedly, followed the European’s lead and included the demilitarization of Gaza as an issue to be negotiated in conjunction with the lifting of the blockade after cessation of hostilities.

But there is no disputing that Obama has, consciously or otherwise, shielded Hamas. This is not a conflict in which the U.S. should act as a mediator or even hint at moral equivalency. This conflict was thrust upon us by a terrorist group promoting a culture of death and martyrdom reflected in the oft-quoted Hamas slogan: “Jews wish for life and we wish for a martyr’s death.” We are not confronting an entity seeking independence. It is a conflict between good and evil.

We would have expected our ally to allocate the blame for the casualties to the death merchants of Hamas who target Israeli civilians and propagate casualties among their own people, whom they employ as human shields and then gleefully present to the world as victims of Israeli tyranny.

Instead, Obama has led the pack in hypocritically supporting our right to defend ourselves while blaming us for a disproportionate response when we retaliate against the source of the rocket fire whose command posts and missile launching sites are deliberately embedded in U.N. buildings, schools, hospitals and mosques. The gory scenes of Palestinian casualties highlighted by the global media should have been presented in the context of Hamas responsibility for deliberately orchestrating this nightmare. Instead, Obama’s behavior has merely encouraged Hamas to continue its barbaric strategy in the belief that the U.S. will rescue it from the jaws of defeat and reward it for its commitment to terrorism.

In this context, the clearly synchronized outbursts from the White House, State Department and even the Pentagon, just prior to the announcement of the stillborn 72-hour cease-fire on Friday, condemning Israel for civilian casualties, including the shelling of a U.N. Relief and Works Agency school in Gaza as “indefensible” and “totally unacceptable,” were clearly designed to garner the support of Qatar and Turkey.

The U.S. is aware of the extraordinary measures, unmatched in any military conflict, which Israel employs to minimize civilian casualties. But innocent civilians die in a war– and obviously more so in a situation in which women and children are employed as human shields and deliberately housed in locations together with missiles launchers and command posts. When under fire from terrorists — even if they operate out of schools — Israeli soldiers must return fire or be killed. Beyond that, accidents are inevitable. Just recall the thousands of innocent French civilians who were killed by the allies during the invasion in 1944.

To appreciate the double standards and hypocrisy employed against us, the U.S. should take note of the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed by allied forces in the course of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the carnage in Serbia incurred by NATO’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Belgrade to force Slobodan Milosevic to step down.

The tragic casualties among Palestinian civilians sadden us all. But it is revolting when the U.S. president expresses more outrage over the deaths of 1,500 Palestinians, a large proportion of whom are bloody terrorists, than the deaths of 180,000 butchered Syrians in the ongoing civil war.

NORM ‘n’ AL Note: Our emphasis of above two paragraphs.

It is utterly unacceptable to condemn a long-standing ally. How can the U.S. justify its focus on the loss of innocent lives without regard to the context and avoid directing the blame to Hamas who exult in both killing Israelis and the killing of their own people, whose suffering they openly exploit to discredit Israel and divert attention from their terrorist activities? It brings to mind Golda Meir’s oft-quoted quip that peace will only be achieved when our adversaries love their children more than they hate us.

Israel must stand firm. The public shock over the discovery of the myriad of terror tunnels and the extent of the missile range capability — which now covers the entire country — has united the people in a manner reminiscent of the Six-Day War. Close to 90 percent are adamant that Israel must not stop until Gaza is demilitarized or Hamas completely smashed, despite the terrible toll in casualties. Even the dovish Labor Party-led opposition is demanding this of Netanyahu.

Although it is not reflected in the extraordinary tsunami of global anti-Semitism and the double standards formally adopted by Western countries, there is a clear consensus that this war was imposed on us and there is a greater appreciation of the terrorist nature of Hamas and its contempt for human life.

There is also the radical reversal in the approach of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and most of the Arab League who endorsed the Egyptian cease-fire proposal and whose fear and loathing of the Islamic fundamentalist extremists far exceeds their traditional hatred of Israel. The Egyptians and other moderate Arab states maintain that since his initial Cairo speech in 2009, Obama has emerged as a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood — the creator of Hamas — and which they regard, justifiably, as an Islamic fundamentalist terror organization.

They consider the undermining of the Egyptian cease-fire proposals and turning towards Qatar and Turkey — supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas — as another example of the U.S. betraying its allies and engaging with its enemies. This was reflected in Kerry’s initial Qatar/Turkey-sponsored cease-fire proposal, which could have been written by Hamas, and which was unanimously rejected by the Israeli cabinet.

As of now, Israel has largely achieved its principal objectives of destroying the tunnels and substantially neutralizing the missile capability. But Hamas remains intact and unless demilitarization is imposed, we face inveterate jihadists who will not relent from their openly expressed objective of destroying us or at least eroding our morale by ongoing terror attacks.

The prime responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens. This is a time for Israel to stand firm and take whatever steps are necessary to defang Hamas and demilitarize Gaza. The responsibility for the fallout on innocent Palestinians rests exclusively on Hamas.

The brazen Hamas breach of the 72-hour cease-fire has led to a temporary global backlash against Hamas. Having neutralized those tunnels which the IDF was able to detect, the ground forces are being redeployed. However, Netanyahu has made it clear that the operation is not over.

The cabinet must speedily decide on one of two options. It can expand the ground campaign and conquer Gaza, which the majority of the nation would probably initially endorse but which would likely entail massive casualties and provoke concerted international pressure that would probably force us to withdraw unilaterally or face sanctions. It would appear that without ruling out this option, Netanyahu — at least in the short term — intends to continue degrading the rocket launchers and attacking Hamas from the air, thereby limiting Israeli casualties and providing greater leverage to achieve demilitarization.

The outcome rests largely with the U.S. If it rewards Hamas for its aggression by seeking to “lift the blockade” or provide them with funds without demilitarization, it will be betraying us. The U.S. will thus have destroyed whatever little global credibility it retains and will be seen as abandoning its long-standing ally and groveling to those who support fanatical Islamic terrorism.

Will the U.S. support Israel’s just cause against genocidal terrorism or act as a shield to protect the barbarians at our gates, effectively paving the way for a far more brutal war in the near future?

[by Isi Leibler, writing for ISRAEL HAYOM]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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