The truth about the Israel – Hamas conflict in Gaza…

The liberal media are filled with lies about Israel every day. From baseless assertions that Israel is “punishing” the Palestinian people for the terror activities of Hamas to false accusations that Israel is targeting civilians—the lies fill the air. We need to be focused on the truth. Here is a summation of the situation by Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.

This is his response to the UN call for a ceasefire. We urge you to read every word and then to share this with your friends—they aren’t likely to hear Israel’s side of the story…the truth…anywhere else:

The Security Council Presidential Statement relates to the needs of a murderous terrorist organization that is attacking Israeli civilians and does not address Israel’s security needs, including the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip according to the principle laid down in the interim agreements with the Palestinians. The statement does not refer to attacks on Israeli civilians, or to the fact that Hamas has turned the residents of Gaza into human shields and uses UN facilities to attack Israeli civilians. Israel accepted three UN proposals for humanitarian truces, and Hamas violated them all. Even now they are continuing to fire at Israeli civilians. Israel will continue to deal with the terrorist tunnels, and this is only the first step in the demilitarization. Instead of the funds of the international community serving the construction of terrorist tunnels for perpetrating large-scale attacks against Israeli civilians, the international community needs to act toward the demilitarization of Gaza.

(Response to UN call for a cease-fire by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu)


NORM ‘n’ AL Note: We suggest that you try to put yourself in the shoes of an Israeli citizen. No matter what country you now live in, imagine that your country, Israel, (1) has an enemy which has publicly pledged to “wipe your country off the map.” Now (2) remember that your enemy lives within the borders of YOUR country, in a territory that was given to this enemy by YOUR country, in an effort to move closer to a workable peace. Also be sure to remember that (3) your enemy, immediately after taking possession of the donated territory, set about destroying many of the assets that were in the donated territory when they took possession. Rather than use the assets (such as 3,000 agricultural production greenhouses) to better the lives of its people, your enemy’s leaders decided to simply destroy them.

Now (4) your enemy decides that the access to its territory is not good enough. It has a seacoast and ports, it has road access and air access, but it wants more. It arranges to take delivery of many thousands of tons of cement, ostensibly with which to build things like public roads and buildings. Instead, your enemy has planned all along to use the cement to build tunnels under its border into Israel and south into Egypt.

As the tunnel construction continues around the clock, your enemy decides it is not thankful to finally have a country it can call its own, but that it should (5) begin launching rockets into the country which provided it with the territory in the first place. (This is called “irrational and fanatical hatred.”)  It brings the rockets into the territory through the tunnels which have been completed. It begins a constant onslaught of rockets across its border and into Israel, without any attempt at minimizing damage to civilians and civilian property. (To date, counting both rockets and mortar shells, your enemy has fired well in excess of 12,000 war projectiles into YOUR country.)

In addition, just to make sure that the world’s press gets the best possible pictures and videos of the suffering of enemy citizens in this conflict, the enemy leaders (6) locate the mortars and rocket launchers in or as close as possible to civilian centers, so that when Israel — YOUR country — decides to retaliate against the launchers, it will hopefully kill many civilians and generate lots of world sympathy (for the aggressor, the enemy of a free state that has been firing on this free state for years).

So now we are at the point today where Israel finds (7) it MUST retaliate and protect its own citizens. It MUST make every attempt to destroy the tunnels that its irrational enemy, Hamas, has dug under its borders in order to send terrorists directly into Israel.

Our question for you is this: If all this had happened to YOU — an unprovoked attack, thousands of rockets and mortar shells raining down on you and your fellow citizens, and tunnels dug in order to send fanatical terrorists into your country to murder civilians — how would YOU react?

Y’know what? That is just how the Israelis are now reacting.



As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis





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