Obama pushing Israel toward cease-fire even while Hamas is digging new tunnels to send terrorists into Israel…

The Obama Administration is putting Israel under enormous pressure.

It’s time for you to tell the Obama administration where you stand.

Secretary of State Kerry is pushing Israel for a cease-fire before Hamas is defeated, before all the terror tunnels are destroyed.

(NORM ‘n’ AL Note: “Cease-fire” seems to mean different things to each side in the conflict. To Hamas, it means “you cease and we fire.”)

Why is the Obama administration pushing so hard against Israel?

Secretary of State Kerry is more favorable to Hamas than Egypt is – even Egypt is taking a harder line against the Muslim Brotherhood than the Obama administration. And we all know Obama’s record of failing to move against Muslims in any circumstances, to the point of being accused by many Americans of being Muslim himself.

The Obama administration’s record of appeasing terrorists is even extending into Israel’s fight for existence. It has to stop. We’re mobilizing our international resources to stand with Israel. We hope you will mail a letter — a real letter with a real stamp on it — to tell the Obama administration that to fail to support Israel when it is forced to defend itself against radical Muslim aggressors goes against our history, our promises, and against God.

We have already done just about all we can to remove God from our schools, our courthouses, our sporting events, and even from many of our churches. (The Presbyterians may as well stop calling themselves a church altogether; they have openly sided with the Muslims.)

“One nation under God” may be true somewhere on this blood-soaked planet, but it certainly is no longer true for the United States of America.

We hope Obama receives your letter and ours and a few million more!

[taken from an email sent to us by the American Center for Law and Justice]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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