Megyn Kelly tells America what’s wrong with Obama and his presidency in less than 90 seconds…

If you asked Americans to say what’s wrong with Obama and his presidency, many of us would probably start talking and not stop for at least an hour or more. There has never been a more corrupt president in the history of our nation, nor one who cared less about the country he has sworn to uphold and protect. Mr. O (or Mr. Zero, if that’s how you see the initial) is the least qualified president the US has ever elected, and it shows more and more as his second term plods on.

Megyn Kelly of Fox News doesn’t need an hour to tell us what’s wrong with President Zero.  In perhaps the most masterful rant since Obama took office in January 2009, Kelly completely spells it out in less than a minute and half. Her well-chosen words were:

Megyn Kelly of Fox News and The Kelly File“Is Barack Obama’s presidency imploding? Al Qaeda is resurging, Iraq is disintegrating and now we may look to Iran to help us stop it. Iran, a terrorist regime responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. What could possibly go wrong?”

“We have drawn red lines in Syria that we refused to enforce. We stood by as Russia seized part of Ukraine and now we are releasing top Taliban leaders as the Afghanistan war is still going. Not to worry they tell us, Qatar’s going to watch them for a year, we hope.”

“Domestically we have a president who has lost the trust of the American people by repeatedly misleading them. He bypasses Congress, the people’s representatives on matters ranging from Obamacare to immigration law, to the point where one of the most respected liberal law professors in the country has called our president the very danger our constitution was designed to avoid.”

“The American public overwhelming regrets implementation of Obamacare, our veterans are dying waiting to see doctors, the IRS intimidates conservative groups, the southern border is compared to a sieve and the president tries to tell us not to worry. Smiling. Golfing. And at this very moment partying with fashion queen Anna Wintour because the fund raising never stops. Not when four Americans died in Benghazi and not when Baghdad is at the brink.”

In 82 seconds Kelly blasted Obama with enough fire power to sink his ship.

I would have added Obama’s war on Christianity, destruction of the American military, the destruction of marriage, Operation Fast and Furious that led to the deaths of 2 American law enforcement officers and over 300 Mexican civilians, his constant raising of taxes which he promised not to do, and his treasonous acts of aiding and abetting known enemies of the United States.

Had any president in history committed half the crimes that Obama has, they would have been removed from office a long time ago. Had any president in the past committed treason like he has they would have been hauled out and either shot or hung by the neck.

Yet this criminal continues to walk freely through the hallowed halls of the White House. He is free to continue his tyrannical and illegal reign over our nation and he is free to continue to destroy the America that we all knew and loved. I can’t help but ask what is the power behind Obama that allows him to openly defy the Constitution, Congress and federal laws any time it suits him?

Could it be that this is God’s judgment on our nation for turning so far away from Him and His statutes? Are we now experiencing God’s judgment for murdering millions of unborn children and openly embracing the abominable lifestyle of homosexuality? Are we being judged for removing God from almost every aspect of public life? As we have removed Him, is He removing His blessing that once allowed our nation to thrive?

Consider carefully the words of Megyn Kelly and then ask yourself if this is God’s judgment for what we have done to Him. If you’re not sure, read through parts of the Old Testament to see how God repeatedly judged His chosen people, the Jews,  for turning away from Him. Also read how God restored His blessings to His people after they repented of their sins and returned to Him.
The only hope we have of returning our nation to its past glory is for our leaders and our people to repent and once again embrace God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible!

[by Dave Jolly, writing for GODFATHER POLITICS]
[NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  If the USA continues on its present path without God, do not be surprised if we soon find ourselves cast adrift on the turbulent sea of world affairs. Do not be surprised if we see the USA decline even further in world opinion; if we see the US dollar decline in value and purchasing power; if we watch the US economy go through a downward spiral that becomes deeper and longer than the recent recession; and if other countries around the world, particularly China, Russia, and/or India, surge past us in world importance and impact. “The land of the free and the home of the brave” is not going to seem so welcoming and secure if God abandons us to our folly, just as He turned away from the Jews in the book of Judges when “every man did what was right in his own eyes” by refusing to acknowledge our Lord and Creator.]
As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by
NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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