Judge recommends impeachment for Obama, without delay…

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a role model for women in the legal profession. After getting her Juris Doctor Law degree from Albany Law School, she was hired as an assistant district attorney for Westchester County, New York. While working in the DA’s office, she was the first female to prosecute a murder case in the country. She set another first in 1990 by being the first woman to be elected to serve as a Westchester Court Judge. Throughout her career she has been actively involved in fighting domestic violence.

Currently Judge Jeanine serves as a legal analyst for the Fox News Channel and hosts a weekend program called Justice with Judge Jeanine. This past weekend, she spoke out about Obama’s prisoner swap of 5 high ranking members of the Taliban for suspected Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

Judge Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine blasted Obama for the trade. She blasts him for violating federal laws and for his improper treatment of our military saying:

“Here’s the bottom line: you negotiated with terrorists. You broke the very law that you signed. You have shown terrorists that they can win concessions by kidnapping Americans. In the history of this country we have never traded mass murderers for a deserter.”

“My father and grandfather fought in World War II.  You go to Normandy 70 years later – where my grandfather was injured – and make like you respect the military.”

“You call yourself a commander-in-chief. But what commander-in-chief doesn’t support a surge, but sends in 40,000 troops anyway? What commander-in-chief reduces benefits to those in the military? Closes the Veterans War Memorial? Reduces the army to pre-World War II levels? Knowingly allows veterans to die in our hospitals, while replenishing the enemy in a time of war?”

“Mr. President: you are destroying this country. You have diminished us on the world stage. You have trampled on the very laws you swore to uphold.  You are not a true commander-in-chief. We’ve impeached a president for lying about sex with an intern. Your actions, far more egregious, demand impeachment.”

So when will Congress wake up and smell the traitor that Obama is? When will they impeach him for more crimes than all of the presidents in history combined have committed? How much longer do we Americans have to tolerate our Traitor-in-chief? When will our military realize how he has betrayed them and turned on them?

Or is our Congress too spineless to do what’s right for America? Perhaps that needs to be the campaign issue this November. Ask your candidates if they are willing to impeach Obama and remove him from office? If they say no, don’t vote for them. Find someone with a patriotic backbone to do what must be done. Support them! Campaign for them! Vote for them! Pray for them!

[by Dave Jolly, writing for GODFATHER POLITICS]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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