Obama’s funding of terrorists is secret and illegal…and immoral.

U.S. law is clear: America cannot aid or assist designated terrorist organizations in any way.

Yet that’s exactly what the Obama Administration is reportedly doing.


Senior diplomatic officials have reported that the Obama Administration has been engaged in months of back-channel discussions with Hamas, a designated terrorist organization that seeks to destroy Israel and targets Israeli civilians, including children, for deadly attacks.

The result of those negotiations is plain to see. The Obama Administration has decided to recognize and provide taxpayer funds to the new Palestinian government that includes Hamas.

This action betrays Israel, it strengthens terrorists, and it violates the law.

We’re taking action, mobilizing our offices in Washington and Jerusalem to defend Israel and defend the rule of law. Stand with us.

[NORM ‘n’ AL Note: We publish this ACLJ newsletter item to make you aware of this outstanding organization which, unlike our current president, always puts the interests of the United States first.]

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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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