Obama’s IRS scandal shows no signs of going away…



At Judicial Watch, as you know, our work is uncovering and prosecuting government corruption and this is about as bad as it gets. This is probably one of the top five of the 100 or so Obama scandals…and a top five in terms of the history of the IRS. This is the worst the IRS has ever been abused by any administration, worse than Nixon.

“BOLO” is a law enforcement term short for “be on the lookout” for criminals and suspects on the run. For the Obama IRS, BOLO has meant literally “be on the lookout” for citizens groups who might be opposed to the Obama agenda.

Here are some of the facts as we know them today.

First, we know the IRS purposely stonewalled the approval of non-profit applications from Tea Party and other conservative groups seeking tax exempt status; and we know, according to CNN, the criteria used by IRS officials to flag applications specified a “be on the lookout” list, or BOLO. This practice was apparently discontinued in 2012, according to the CNN report.
The criteria on the BOLO list included whether Tea Party Patriots or the 9/12 Project was referenced in the case file; whether the issues outlined in the application included government spending and/or government debt or taxes, whether there was advocating or lobbying to “Make America a better place to live;” whether a statement in the case file criticized how the country is being run; and whether it advocated education about
the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

How bad was the suppression that came from the targeting by these groups promoting these patriotic activities? It was epic. Over the course of 27 months, not a single Tea Party-type organization received tax exempt status. In fact, I am not aware of any receiving exempt status since the scandal has been disclosed.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the IRS claims “this was no political witch-hunt.” However, it was not simply a matter of lengthy bureaucratic delays. Conservative groups were subjected to an unprecedented amount of scrutiny, draining both time and resources. More than 500 groups were put under the Obama/IRS microscope.

Was it simply a case of retribution against enemies? No. This was much bigger than political payback. It was a systematic and concerted effort to squash the Tea Party movement — the most organic and powerful political movement in recent memory — during an election season. This was about campaign politics.

And this is a US political scandal for the record books.

[by Tom Fitton, President, JUDICIAL WATCH .org]


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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis






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