Global Forecast from NEWSMAX: Prepare for the worst…

As President Barack Obama’s continued lack of leadership puts America’s national security in peril, LIGNET, Newsmax’s intelligence and forecasting online service, has issued a new global forecast.

The Russian annexation of Crimea and mass troop movements by Moscow must be viewed as a major game changer in international norms. The last time an invasion of this magnitude occurred was when Saddam Hussein annexed Kuwait in 1990 to make it Iraq’s 19th province.

With U.S. strength and leadership, Russia’s recent actions could have been prevented or at least mitigated. It may be too late for Crimea, but the United States cannot allow the contagion to spread.

The difference between Russia and the West right now is that Russia has a strategy that it is willing to follow, while the West is hoping the problem disappears.

Mr. Obummer

In this geopolitical chess match, the Russian is outmaneuvering the American at every turn.

The bottom line is that Vladimir Putin’s ground troops are the least of America’s worries. The Russian president’s financial moves are what affect us all. And he’s running circles around Barack Obama where it will hurt Americans the most — from forging relationships with China and India, to his accumulation of gold, oil and other strategic resources.

Geopolitical Turmoil and What Lies Ahead

Waning U.S. influence in the Middle East. While the Middle East is the current focus of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, some states in the region have been extremely critical of Obama’s approach to dealing with Syria and with Iran’s nuclear program. As a result, the United States will likely lose prestige and influence in the region in 2014 despite its sponsorship of peace efforts.

The new cyber threats. A rash of cyber attacks during the past year on governments, retailers, and financial institutions has increased public awareness, putting cyber security near the top of the global agenda. Threats stemming from radically different criminal and political motivations have fundamentally altered the international security landscape, opening the door for policy action.

 What’s in store for the world’s economy? Inflation in developed economies has retreated from the highs of 2010-11 as food and energy prices have softened. This downward drift, accentuated in some parts of Europe, has prompted numerous warnings in the media of impending deflation. But will rising price trends in Asia and other developing countries provide a desperately sought offset?

 Healing the rift between the U.S. and Europe. An off-color rant about the European Union by a senior U.S. diplomat is just the latest in a series of incidents suggesting a growing rift between U.S. and EU leaders. The EU continues to share many of Washington’s perspectives on key security issues, however, including countering Iran and combating terrorism.

 North American energy independence: still a pipe dream. Thanks to the shale oil boom, the United States has surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer. But recent setbacks to exploring the Arctic Ocean’s potentially game-changing hydrocarbon deposits have invigorated environmentalists to step up their efforts to block new drilling operations this year and beyond.

 The future of Iran. Mired in decades of slow economic growth and at odds politically with much of the world 35 years after the Islamic Revolution, Iran is at a crossroads in its history. Domestic and foreign policy decisions made this year will set the tone for the nation’s future.

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NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  Our advice to you in these times of peril and uncertainty is to keep your Bible in one hand and your newspaper in the other. Bible prophecies are being fulfilled today with great rapidity and urgency. Find a good, trusted, accurate source of analysis, one with a perspective that sees further than the end of next week. One that’s very high on our list is The Trumpet; you can receive a free magazine each month, and you can also visit its website any time you like for up-to-the-minute updates. Something you need to consider: If any of the Bible is true, then it is ALL true, because it claims to be inspired, in its entirety, by God. History has always really been His Story, and that is more true today than ever as we watch His Story unfold in front of us.


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