Free gas. Free diesel. Free coffee and donuts. Free milk, eggs, and bread…



Today we want to take just a minute or two to recommend to you the best way we know to get all your fuel FREE, plus anything else sold in the gas station convenience store.

There are a few legitimate ways to save a little money on fuel — coupon discounts of ten or twenty cents a gallon, and individual fuel brand discounts of perhaps five or seven cents a gallon — but there are NO legitimate ways to get your fuel FREE. None. Until now.

We want to alert you to GAS-CARDS.US.

Please visit the website and learn more. This is a drop-dead simple savings program. Hard to imagine anything simpler or easier…and when it can actually provide you with FREE FUEL, free coffee and donuts, free milk, eggs, well, anything in the store…then this is worth knowing about.

How many people do you think would listen to you for a couple of minutes if you could offer them a very real (and working) way to get all their fuel for nothing? Exactly. You’d have to beat them off with a stick.

You will have a total one-time investment in GAS-CARDS.US of $100. That’s because everyone who joins the program buys four $25 fuel cards to send to four other people. But that’s all it could ever cost you, especially if all you do is mention GAS-CARDS.US to a few people you know.

And you will have this $100 investment back very quickly as people begin sending $25 fuel cards directly to you. In fact, if GAS-CARDS.US performs at only minimal levels for you, you’ll have hundreds of dollars in fuel cards coming to you within a matter of days.

You should quickly have so many $25 fuel cards that you can begin giving them away to the people you tell about the program. (That will convince ANY skeptic!)

Public Service Notice and Full Disclosure: NORM ‘n’ AL are the originators of this public service free fuel card program, and its administrators. We’re trying to help the USA climb out of the recession for good!

As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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