Persecution of Christians reaches a new level in Pakistan…

According to the Pew Research Center, Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, with anti-Christian persecution reported in 110 countries in 2012 and 151 countries over the past six years.

In Pakistan, after a Christian named David Emanuel rented a house to Shaheen Kausar, a Muslim, the tenant fabricated an agreement and claimed she had purchased the property. The courts ruled that Emanuel was the legal owner. But Emanuel’s problems had only begun.

Shaheen had an affair, and she and her paramour murdered Shaheen’s husband. She blamed Emanuel, by now 75 years of age, along with his two sons for the murder, hoping to finally seize his property. The court agreed to grant bail to the Christians rather than force them to remain in prison for the duration of the case.

Shaheen’s wrongful onslaught continued. She filed a private complaint under Pakistani law against Emanuel and his sons. The judge dismissed it. Then she amended the complaint, and a higher court allowed the case to go to trial.

Mr. Emanuel, perhaps fortunately as he certainly knew his ultimate destination, died as all this was going on.

His legal team persuaded his tormentor, Shaheen Kausar, to negotiate a compromise with Emanuel’s sons. Under Pakistani law, a victim’s family may accept compensation from a wrongdoer in lieu of actual punishment. Though they were innocent (as was their father, the original victim), Emanuel’s sons believed a compromise might be the best way to settle the now years-long legal battle. They agreed to sell their father’s home to the Muslim woman for less than full value in exchange for an end to the legal problem.

Sadly, false accusations like this are commonplace as a form of persecution. False blasphemy, theft, and even murder charges are filed every day through simple accusations by private individuals. Because most Christians are poor and can’t afford to fight long legal battles, they give up their rights, property, even their liberty, often winding up in prison under false charges.

[by Jordan Sekulow, director of the American Center for Law and Justice, Washington, DC]


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