IRS Corruption: 12 Tragic Truths…

The factual record we now have before us is nothing less than astonishing:

1.  The Obama administration and its congressional allies have created a climate of hostility toward Tea Party and other conservative groups, making it impossible for these Americans to exercise their First Amendment freedoms. This climate of hostility set the stage for unprecedented illegal targeting by the IRS. Further, it is clear that the present administration engaged in unlawful targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups solely because of their political beliefs.

2.  The targeting was initially blamed on a lower office in Cincinnati, which turned out to be a lie and a deliberate attempt at a cover-up.

3.  Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the scandal, pleaded the Fifth before Congress, refusing to testify.

Stop IRS abuses...

4.  Then Lerner was allowed to retire — on a taxpayer-funded pension. There was no attempt by the administration to hold her accountable for her unlawful actions.

5.  Acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller resigned under pressure, but again no one was fired, charged, or even prosecuted.

6.  Administration officials have called all this a “phony scandal.”

7.  The office of the Chief Counsel of the IRS — this lawyer is an Obama appointee — has now been implicated.

8.  The Obama administration promised to get to the bottom of the scandal, but then appointed an avowed political supporter of the president named Barbara Kay Bosserman, a Justice Dept. lawyer who has donated money to Obama campaigns at least 13 times, to be an “independent” and “impartial” investigator responsible for determining who is actually to blame for the IRS targeting. Naturally, this created a serious conflict of interest; it also undercut the integrity of the investigation and raised even more doubts about Obama’s promise to discover and reveal the truth about the IRS targeting scheme.

9.  The FBI has yet to interview any of the conservative victims of the IRS scandal. The Justice Dept. seems now to be wrapping up its inquiry, without the FBI having interviewed ANYONE from the 41 targeted conservative groups which were targeted. The FBI also recently announced it likely will not pursue criminal charges against IRS officials, even though it is clear that the agency engaged in a systematic targeting of conservative groups over multiple years.

10.  The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has been trying for many months to get to the bottom of what happened and who was involved, but has been obstructed by repeated stonewalling from Obama government officials.

11.  Unbelievably, the Obama administration has now actually expanded its political “vetting” (read targeting) of 501(c)(4) groups seeking tax-exempt status.

12.  Finally, and even more unbelievably, this out-of-control IRS has now been put in charge of enforcing Obamacare, the largest government takeover of private enterprise in US history!

(from a letter sent to us by the American Center for Law and Justice)

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