One manufactured crisis after another…but who is really doing the manufacturing?

You can always count on Democrats to stick to the party leaders’ scripts. 

The party script today says Republicans have been busy manufacturing crisis after crisis to move forward their radical agenda, like shutting down the government and denying healthcare to the poor.

The irony here is total.

In the great “shutdown showdown” of late last year, Congressional Republicans proposed funding everything in the entire federal government…everything, that is, except the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. As a desperate stopgap, the GOP was even willing to settle for just delaying the Obamacare individual mandate for a year.

No deal, said Obama and the Democrats. Give us a clean continuing resolution. Give us everything we want, authorize funding for the entire government, including the ACA, or we shut down the government and our allies in the media will blame you.

The Democrats got their way. The Obamacare program was launched, leading directly to the biggest manufactured crisis in modern American history. Tens of millions of tax-paying US citizens, possibly a hundred million in 2014 alone, will lose their health insurance coverage after being promised, over and over again, that they would be able to keep it.

Let this sink in: Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz — for trying to prevent what everyone, including many Democrats, now openly admit is a gargantuan national healthcare crisis manufactured entirely by Democrats — are accused by Democrats of “manufacturing crises.”

Meanwhile, back at the White House, things are getting tougher for Mr. Obama.

The magic is over. Gone are the swooning crowds and fainting admirers of yesteryear. Gone is the childlike hope of millions that Obama’s “hope and change” mantra would really mean something. “Hope and change,” it turns out, was just a phrase which actually meant betrayal on a scale never before seen by an occupant of the Oval Office.

Today, polls continue to show that once-enthusiastic Obama supporters are dismayed at having been deliberately and repeatedly lied to. Not only can they not keep their health insurance, they also cannot keep their doctor, their preferred hospital, or often even their medicine! Democrats now admit that government “death panels” (by whatever name) were always understood by the Obamacare creators as an absolutely essential component of the ACA program.

Obama and his team of like-minded liars have been exposed as having relied on massive lies, bribery, and fraud in engineering the intentional destruction of the greatest healthcare delivery system in the world.

Other Obama scandals continue to litter the Washington political landscape like a freeway pileup.

According to top retired generals and other senior officers, Obama is waging a war of sorts against the US military. His attack includes the firing of close to 200 senior officers during his first five years in office, nine generals in 2013 alone. Some of our departing generals are openly calling it a “purge.” In addition, Obama has made sure that homosexuals in the military have been promoted, sent women to front-line combat, developed suicidal rules of engagement along with unwinnable counterinsurgency strategies, and to top it all, has made sure that God and Christianity are pushed as far toward the military’s rear guard as possible. All of this was done by Obama and his Democrat pals to — you guessed it — deliver another manufactured crisis to the American people to help divert our attention from the Obamacare monstrosity in particular and the miserable job of leading that we see coming from the Oval Office in general.

Consider: America has no coherent foreign policy, which has resulted in our country’s precipitous loss of power, respect, and influence around the world. Our economy is being so abused by government borrowing and ill-considered Federal Reserve intervention that the world is moving rapidly toward abandoning the dollar as its reserve currency — a huge loss to America with grave consequences to come. Many government agencies are trying to tread water through scandals of their own — the Justice Department, the IRS, the NSA, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, to name just a few.

America’s would-be monarch is, thankfully, now seen as he really is, an immature, narcissistic, and shockingly deceitful far-left agitator whose “smoke and mirrors” hope-and-change mantra has produced lots of change, alright, but not the kind any of us were looking for. If people continue to be confused, intimidated, and upset over constant crises and the accompanying demonizing of conservatives — as we’ve seen for the last five years — Mr. Obama could make it through the remainder of his second term handily, with all or most of his “hope and change” policies intact. Or, if his popularity continues to evaporate, he will just recede into the protective bubble of the Oval Office and rule his kingdom with executive orders.

[from an article in the current issue of Whistleblower magazine, written by David Kupelian]


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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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