If you don’t trust our president, you’re among a large and growing majority…

Our president is a game player.

We know he likes golf and basketball…but most of us are now wishing those were his only game interests.

Most of the time, he is playing games with the American public. All of us. Even his own Democratic party brethren are now beginning to have serious reservations about staying on his team. Why? Because the games Obama plays always involve deception. He will tell you something with a straight face and mean none of it. He will lie to Democrats as easily as to Republicans.  (“If you like your health plan, you can keep it.”)

Here is a sampling of The Obama Games:

Stated purpose:  “To fix America’s broken immigration system, to grow our economy, and to give undocumented youth and their families the chance to earn their citizenship.”
Actual purpose:  The creation of tens of millions of newly minted Democrat voters.
Payoff:  A voting coalition that will permanently keep progressives in power in America.

Stated purpose:  “Comprehensive reforms that improve access to affordable health coverage for everyone, and protect consumers from abusive insurance company practices.”
Actual purpose:  Massive takeover of one-sixth of the entire US economy, and ultimately the establishment (through Obamacare’s intentional and inevitable destruction of private health insurance) of a true “single payer” system…i.e., socialized medicine.
Payoff:  A permanent, vast increase in government control over virtually every aspect of the lives of American citizens. Since so many things affect people’s health, once the government is paying for all healthcare, it will progressively regulate and control the lives of individuals to minimize their health risks — what they can eat, what they do, what they drive, what kind of entertainment they watch, everything.

[NORM ‘n’ AL Note:  You have to remember two things. One, Democrats believe that government is always the answer. Always. Which means that more government is much better than less government, and is in fact required if the government is going to provide all the “solutions” to problems most of us didn’t even know we had. And two, in order to accomplish #1, the government needs power. Lots of power. Always more power. The government needs to run not just itself, but all of us, too. So it needs us to provide our implicit consent in order to get more power. If we do not object to something, then by default, we consent to it.]

Stated purpose:  “To support equal rights for all Americans, and to offer hope to young people who are being bullied or harassed because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.”
Actual purpose:  To lock in the “gay community” as a voting bloc and source of ongoing financial support while further marginalizing and disempowering conservative Christians.
Payoff:  Consolidate an important part of the permanent progressive voting coalition.

States purpose:  “To take unprecedented action to build the foundation for a clean energy economy, tackle the issue of climate, and protect our environment.”
Actual purpose:  Use ideologically driven, environmental pseudo-science as a basis for energy and environmental policies — such as blocking the Keystone pipeline — that cripple development of America’s prodigious oil, gas and coal reserves and cause energy prices to skyrocket. Meanwhile, Obama pretends to be enthralled by alternative energy, about which he knows virtually nothing, because supporting and funding it serves as a subterfuge for weakening, through over-regulation, America’s once-powerful energy sector.
Payoff:  Maintain and increase US dependence on foreign energy as part of the Obama grand strategy of reducing the power, stature, and influence of America as the world’s “sole superpower,” which he and other anti-American leftists regard as predatory and destructive of world peace and justice.

Stated purpose:  “To better protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence in America.”
Actual purpose:  To make it more difficult and expensive, or even impossible, for American citizens to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
Payoff:  Since a well-armed populace is historically the #1 citizen check on tyrannical government — and the reason our founders enshrined it in the Second Amendment — banning or reducing civilian ownership of firearms leads inevitably to greater opportunity for oppression by government. [More government power, as we noted above, is always the goal when Democrats are in office. Republicans generally want LESS government, not more. Democrats are always SURE that THEY KNOW BEST, and therefore MORE GOVERNMENT is always better than less. Remember Hillary’s often-repeated statement that “it takes a village” to raise a child because old-fashioned parental families are just not up to the task? If you do, you should also be sure to remember Bill Cosby’s response, which was “But in every village there are always some idiots.”]

Stated purpose:  “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was passed to stimulate the economy in the midst of the Great Recession, save existing jobs, immediately create shovel-ready projects, and to invest in infrastructure, education, health, and renewable energy.”
Actual purpose:  A slush fund to further the Democrats’ tax-and-spend policies, pay public employee union pension and healthcare costs, fund pet projects like Solyndra and Lightspeed, and provide pork for Democratic districts and states.
Payoff:  At an astronomical price tag of over $800 billion, the stimulus failed to help the economy, reduce unemployment, or create “shovel-ready jobs.” (Obama himself admitted in 2010 that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects.”) But the almost trillion-dollar spending spree spread the wealth around to Obama’s friends and supporters while creating the appearance of doing something to help an economy ravaged largely by the policies of the Democrats themselves.

Stated purpose:  “To maximize voting and to counteract Republican voter suppression in the form of Voter ID laws that tend to discriminate against minorities.”
Actual purpose:  To get the Justice Department to sue states over the most reasonable and common-sense election laws requiring that voters identify themselves, for the sole purpose of enabling and encouraging every possible form of vote fraud and abuse — including voting after impersonating a registered voter, repeat voting, non-citizen and illegal-alien voting, felon voting, voting in more than one state, and so on — since statistically such fraudulently cast ballots are usually Democratic. [In other words, Democrats don’t really care if your vote is illegal, they just want to be sure you vote. And the more times, the better.]
Payoff:  Rampant voter frauds and abuses which considered collectively in all their various forms are likely sufficient to make up the margin of difference in a close election and bring victory to Dem candidates.

Stated purpose:  “Women’s rights are being denied or abridged by Republicans, whose desire to deny women’s contraception is rooted in an unconstitutional imposition of their religious views on other citizens, and which threaten the basic rights of women.”
Actual purpose:  This game, fabricated entirely by the leftists when contraceptives, a complete non-issue, was forcibly inserted in the presidential debates by the Obama-supporting establishment media, claims women’s rights are being thwarted by misogynistic Republicans. In reality, the only “war on women” is the one supported wholeheartedly by the Democratic Party; they support feminist-inspired “no fault divorce” which leaves millions of children fatherless and mothers destitute, and abortion, which harms countless women and kills more than a million babies (half of which are female) every year in the US.
Payoff:  Women swung the election in 2012, when 55 percent of female voters cast their ballots for Obama compared to 44 percent for Romney.

Stated purpose:  “To support the many democracy uprisings throughout the Arab Muslim world, help depose dictators, and encourage and advise Israel in achieving a lasting peace with its Palestinian neighbors.”
Actual purpose:  In virtually every conflict in the Middle East, Obama has inexplicably supported the wrong side, from Egypt to Libya, and has inserted himself into the brutal Syrian civil war, providing support for the Muslim Brotherhood and even for Al Qaeda affiliates. Yet he mysteriously failed to support, in word or deed, the genuine 2011 Iranian revolt when thousands of anti-government demonstrators called for an end to the terror-sponsoring regime that rules the country. Many were shocked that Obama stood on the sidelines and said nothing when the protesters urgently needed his support in overturning one of the most evil governments on earth.
Payoff:  The only payoff resulting from Obama’s actions with regard to the various Arab Spring uprisings has been the growth and expansion of Islamic radicalism.

Stated purpose:  “President Obama is willing to negotiate with Iranian leaders in hopes of bringing a lasting peace to the Middle East by convincing Iran to give up its quest for nuclear weapons.”
Actual purpose:  Iran, the world’s leading terrorist nation, which routinely and openly threatens to annihilate the state of Israel and kill its people, is playing a game for more time to develop nuclear weapons.
Payoff:  In the short term, both sides appear to win. Obama gets to act out his narcissistic delusions of grandeur and to step in to assist “peace in our time” with his self-perceived brilliant diplomacy with Iranian leaders. In reality the real winner is Iran, because it gets the time it needs to complete development of a deliverable nuclear bomb. The loser is Israel; living under the very real threat of an imminently nuclear Iran, it must decide to attack that nation’s nuclear installations on a preemptive basis before the bombs arrive in its own cities.

[from an article by David Kupelian in WhistleBlower magazine]


As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by

NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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