Liberals rejecting Obama’s case for strikes on Syria, say both Obama and Kerry are lying…

President Obama’s liberal activist base is adamantly opposed to military strikes in Syria, according to a new survey the Progressive Change Campaign Committee released Wednesday.

PCCC says more than 57,000 of its activists weighed in, and 73 percent of them opposed the U.S. taking action in Syria. Just 18 percent supported strikes, and just 14 percent said the U.S. should go ahead unilaterally if it can’t find any allies.

Indeed, a majority of the activists don’t believe Mr. Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry are being honest when they lay out their justifications for taking military action.

Four out of five activists also said they believe U.S. action will lead to deeper involvement in the civil war.

PCCC detailed the findings, which came from a three-day survey of its activists, in a memo to congressional Democrats.

“In the last 72 hours, we surveyed PCCC members across the nation – in every state and congressional district. We’ve received over 57,000 responses so far, and a clear result: Your progressive base stands firmly against bombing Syria,” said Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor, co-founders of PCCC.

[by Stephen Dinan, writing for The Washington Times]
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