Detroit’s woes could be spreading to other cities…

On July 18th of this year, the city of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy…the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history, and probably the largest municipal bankruptcy in any advanced nation, ever.

The city’s population has shrunk from 2 million down to 700,000. Both whites and blacks are leaving. Last year Detroit high schools had a dismal 65% graduation rate…but studies are showing that only 25% of first-year high schoolers really end up graduating on time. The children of Detroit have a better chance of going to prison than they do of graduating from high school on time. Almost half of Detroit’s adults are considered functionally illiterate.

Detroit has become a city of single mothers and delinquent dads, in a continuing tale of welfare addiction, family breakdown, and social disintegration.

Detroit is the most dangerous large city in America and one of the most dangerous in the entire world. Its gang activity and crime rates surpass almost all others. Detroit is a city of 11,000 unsolved homicides. Bodies lie in streets for hours due to morgue cutbacks. Victims are stuffed in car trunks, or left in the streets, or dumped in abandoned buildings, which are usually then set on fire. For those still living, police response times average almost an hour.

The circumstances in Detroit should be a giant flashing warning sign to the rest of the USA.

Currently the city owes money to more than 100,000 vendors, contractors, and other lenders. The bill has been put at “around $19 billion,” but it might be even more. Some of the city’s invoices haven’t been paid in years. The average per capita income in Detroit today stands at just under $14,000 per year…less than for a resident of Romania, Botswana, or Belarus. Over the past 60 years Detroit has gone from one of the most prosperous cities in the world, with the highest standard of living, to one of the world’s poorest. During all these years the city was run by one political party, whose politicians said they wanted to create a “fairer” city by raising taxes on businesses and productive individuals, and then redistributing that money. The result? Businesses in Detroit were literally driven out while citizens were uniformly made poor. (This is the same economic policy that is now being nationalized by the Obama administration.)

Detroitification is spreading.

Almost half of Detroit’s property owners are refusing to pay their property taxes…and it’s hard to blame them. The city’s emergency manager says his city “does not provide basic and essential services to the residents who remain” because Detroit is so “infested with urban blight.”

Detroit’s police officers battle internal and external lawlessness. Its citizens battle just to survive. Its leaders battle over the scraps that are left after the union activists, corrupt politicians, bankruptcy judges, teachers, police and fire departments, city clerks, and maintenance workers finish battling for what they can manage to hold onto.

Detroit is a victim, but it is a victim of an imploding national culture, not some mysterious market forces. Detroit is perfectly situated to take advantage of waterway access to the entire world and easy land access to both Canada and the US. Geographically, there are few if any American cities so well off. Despite becoming one of the most prosperous cities in the world, Detroit still collapsed.

Other cities across this country are in various stages of Detroitification. Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Portland, Providence, and Houston are all heading in the same direction. Even entire states, like California, Illinois, and Kentucky, are headed there. As far as our country is concerned, there are tens of trillions in federal government obligations that everyone still pretends will be paid. Detroit’s bankruptcy will be nothing compared with a US default on obligations.

Since the beginning of this once-great country, we have been showered with God’s blessings. Now, however, we are promoting and legalizing same-sex marriage while we continue to murder babies and call it “freedom of choice.” We have taken God and prayer out of our schools, and the Ten Commandments from our courtrooms. It’s pretty obvious that the shower of blessings has been turned off because we are no longer “one nation under God.” Like the ancient Israelites in the Biblical book of Judges, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25) The problem is that we are therefore doing what is evil in God’s eyes…and doing it deliberately.

[from an article by Robert Morley in The Philadelphia Trumpet, Sept. 2013 issue]


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