Washington’s addiction’s to overspending has enabled the growth of incompetent and overbearing big government…

What’s the lesson we can all learn from the recent scandals swirling around the IRS and other government agencies? Simply put: Washington’s addiction’s to overspending has enabled the growth of incompetent and overbearing big government.

The IRS is still reeling from embarrassing details of its costly “Star Trek” and “Gilligan’s Island” parody videos it produced at public expense. Then came the news that the IRS had been targeting groups with extra scrutiny based on political criteria, particularly groups with a focus on keeping Washington fiscally accountable.

IRS knows how to spend, too...

As we found out over the past week, that wasn’t the end of their questionable activities. From spending nearly $49 million on 225 conferences — over just two years — and producing a cringeworthy dance video, to using $17,000 to pay for custom portraits of Michael Jordan and Bono, the IRS was in a big hurry to waste public funds and target those calling for fiscal responsibility.

Despite all of this, some members of Congress want to offer the agency even more of your tax dollars — money even the IRS now admits it doesn’t need.

Tell Washington it’s time to get serious about wasteful spending!

This is not an isolated incident; this is symptomatic of a larger problem. Our government is too big, too clumsy, and too eager to look the other way — and Americans know it. According to a recent poll, just ”7 percent of Americans say they trust the government in Washington to do what is right ‘just about always,’ while only fourteen percent say they trust it ‘most’ of the time. Scandals like those now shaking the IRS have further rattled Americans confidence in Washington.

Help us make the case for smaller government that takes its job, and our tax dollars, seriously.

[Gretchen Hamel, for BankruptingAmerica.org]


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