Judge Roy Moore to preside over Obama eligibility case…

Judge Roy Moore is one of my real life American heroes.  He has always stood for the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and the laws of the state of Alabama.  He also understands the importance of recognizing America’s Christian foundation and the principles of law based upon the Bible.

As Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Moore defended the right to display the Ten Commandments at the state Supreme Courthouse.  He lost his case, but believed that the law was still on his side.  It resulted in him being removed from the state supreme court in 2003, but not without a great deal of public support for him and his position.

This past November, Moore defeated Democrat Bob Vance and won the election to return to the bench as the Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court.  He was sworn back into office on January 11, 2013.

Now, Moore is about to take on another highly controversial case that could have national ramifications – the eligibility of Barack Obama to run or serve as President of the United States.

A lawsuit had been filed in Montgomery Circuit Court asking that Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman verify the eligibility of every candidate that was on the November 2012 state ballot.  Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and current leader of Freedom Watch contends that there was sufficient evidence from an official source that questioned the eligibility of Barack Obama to run for president.  Having that evidence, Chapman was obligated by state law to investigate and determine whether or not Obama was or wasn’t eligible to run, but she failed to do so.  The court dismissed the case at the request of Obama’s attorneys.

Klayman has filed an appeal to the Alabama State Supreme Court to overturn the dismissal and require Chapman to do her sworn duty and verify the eligibility of all candidates on November 2012 state ballot.  Klayman commented on the appeal going before Moore, saying:

 “We are hopeful that Chief Justice Moore and the rest of the jurists on the Alabama Supreme Court will follow the law.”  Klayman says he and his team “‘have great respect for Chief Justice Moore and his integrity and legal acumen. He is one courageous and brave man. There are few in this country.”

“It would be paradoxical beyond measure if the real and grave question of the legitimacy of the de facto President, a question which lies at the very heart of our American Constitutional Government, were left unresolved for want of the simplest of documents, a birth certificate.”

In 2010, Moore told WND that he had seen nothing that convinced him that Obama was a natural born US citizen and in fact, had seen a sufficient amount of evidence that indicated that he was not a natural born citizen and therefore not eligible to run for the presidency.

Moore is not one to crumble under the pressure of others as he exhibited in his fight for the Ten Commandments a decade ago.  He is a man of very strong principles in law and justice and not afraid to rule accordingly no matter how unpopular that ruling may be among others.

Many people say this is a dead issue that he has already been elected and sworn into office and that nothing can be done, but hopefully, they may be in for a surprise.  This may be our last hope, but as long as there is hope, we need to pray in earnest that Judge Roy Moore do the right thing according to the law and not according to the White House.

[by Dave Jolly, writing for Godfather Politics]
As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by
NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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