Modern goals: What do today’s high schoolers want more than anything else?

Today’s kids want a promising career? A happy family? To solve some of the world’s most pressing problems?

No, today’s kids want fame.

“What do you think kids want most in life today? Money? Marriage? Adventure? A cool job? Spiritual fulfillment? Nope.

‘Quantitative analysis revealed that fame was the number one value, selected as the most important value for participants’ future goals,’ according to a study done by psychology professors at the University of California at Los Angeles.”  (See source.)

Kids want to be on YouTube. The want to sing like (insert any performer’s name here). Talent? Ability? Skill in performing? These are not seen as essential at all.

Kids want to be famous just for being famous, like Paris Hilton.

The urge to get on YouTube is what drove some Virginia teenage boys recently to invite some of the girls at their school to come to a party. The goal was to get the girls drunk, film some down-home porn, and put it on YouTube.  Admirable goal, right? The ages of the three boys charged: two were sixteen, and one was fifteen.

In the US today, we have nothing, absolutely nothing, to give people a foundation in life. We have taken God out of our schools, out of our courthouses, even out of our government. Aside from the heinousness of the crime itself, why are we so shocked when citizens try to gun down other citizens…and often succeed? Why are we surprised that Virginia teenagers think it’s a good use of their time to take advantage of girls…for the express purpose of putting another porn video online? Doesn’t the Internet have enough porn already? There’s not enough senseless violence already on our TV channels?

If we want to live in the United Sewers of America, we’re there.

If you want to clean things up, then do it. Do something. It is NOT up to the government. Our government is not the solution, our government is a very large part of the problem. The solution starts with us as individuals. Remember the quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead? Probably not. She said, “Never believe that a few caring people cannot change the world. Indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis



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