Obama’s brazenly pro-Muslim, pro-jihad foreign policy needs to change…but it won’t.

Another inauguration day. Don’cha just feel all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that we have just sworn in the president on a Bible which he does not believe and does not obey (and surely has not read, judging from his many remarks which contradict it)?

America’s involvement in the global jihad against Western countries is accelerating. Instead of standing firm as the leader of the free world and defender of inalienable human rights, US policy is shifting demonstrably to the defense of those who systematically deny such rights to their own people and who seek to suppress those rights everywhere.

Since 2009, US foreign policy has backed al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood power plays in Libya, Egypt, and now Syria. As reported by RadicalIslam.org, the US Department of State is working closely with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), whose top objective is the criminalization of the criticism of Islam.

US troops in Afghanistan are subject to suicidal rules of engagement (ROEs) drafted in deference to Islamic law by commanders desperate to appease Islamic sensibilities. At home, the White House cultivates relationships with CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)/Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leadership figures and associates. Instructors, trainers, and any curriculum that would describe accurately the link between Islamic doctrine, law, and scripture and Islamic terrorism have been methodically purged from US government, intelligence, and law enforcement classrooms. [Ed Note: Please read that last sentence again, slowly and carefully.]

Now an American citizen, a pastor, has just been sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian state security court for his alleged involvement in promoting an obscure online film called “The Innocence of Muslims.”

Egyptian Judge Saif al Nasr Soliman handed down the death penalty on charges of “insulting the Islamic religion” against Florida pastor Terry Jones and seven expatriate Egyptian Coptic Christians who are reported to have helped produce and promote the video. The low budget film was made in the US and accurately, if crudely, depicts some of the less admirable episodes from the Sirat Rasul Allah (a biography of Mohammed). Orchestrated demonstrations broke out across the Muslim world in September 2012 involving thousands of angry people who had never seen the film and probably had no access to the Internet, where the film’s 14-minute trailer was posted more than two months earlier. Instead of taking the opportunity to explain the US commitment to First Amendment free speech rights, the US Embassy in Cairo and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were quick to disclaim any responsibility for the video and attempted to assuage Islamic feelings by sending out a stream of Twitter apologies that were later deleted.

Worse yet, the assault of Sept. 11th, 2012, on the US mission in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, staffer Sean Smith, and two former Navy SEAL CIA contractors, was deceitfully used by the Obama administration for weeks afterwards as an excuse to promote a narrative in perfect sync with the OIC which aimed at curbing American free speech rights.

As if on cue, later that month the OIC secretary whom Clinton had welcomed to Washington, DC, at the end of 2011 called for a “global ban on offending the character” of Mohammed. Then Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi chimed in with his own UN appearance to attack free speech, telling us that insults against Mohammed are “unacceptable” and that “we will not allow anyone to do this by word or deed.”

Unfortunately, in this Morsi was only echoing the words of Obama spoken the day before when he let the US and the rest of the world know that he “didn’t believe in [free speech] all that much” and, in fact, “felt a lot closer to the Islamic doctrine on slander than to the First Amendment.”

After making no fewer than six deliberately misleading references to the Internet film narrative as the cause of the Benghazi attack, Obama declared “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Obama was openly responding to Morsi’s reported request that he “take dissuasive measures against those trying to demolish relations with the US.”

While the death sentences against the film’s production team were pronounced in absentia by an Egyptian court and given the direction that a good part of the US government seems to be leaning, the guarantee of free speech which is enshrined in the US Constitution seems a little less ironclad than it has in years past.

As of this writing, there has been not a peep of condemnation from the US government against Egypt’s blatant act of aggression against a US citizen and seven other Christians who fled Shariah crackdowns in Egypt and thought they had found a safe haven in the West. The alleged producer of the film, an Egyptian coptic expatriate, was ostentatiously arrested at the end of September last year and subsequently sentenced to one year in jail, supposedly on violation of probation charges. (Shariah regimes know how that works.)

What exactly is official US policy on jihad, Shariah, and Islamic Awakening? Obama is now on record with two separate intelligence findings, one for the Libyan opposition and one for the Syrian opposition. He has committed the resources of the US government to “fighters whose ranks were known to be dominated by jihadis affiliated with al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood seeking to replace regional strong men with Islamic rule.”

Meanwhile, there has not been so much as a hint of US criticism for Morsi’s dictatorial power grab in Egypt, his undisguised support for both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas (whose just as undisguised aggression toward and hatred for Israel is widely published all over the world), or for an Egyptian judge’s death sentence against an American citizen.

In the absence of a clear White House policy statement saying that Islamic jihad and Sharia law represent a clear and present danger to US national security — accompanied, we might hope, by a plan to confront and defeat all who promote such radical ideology — it must be concluded that current US administration policy is to empower, enrich, and embolden our radical jihadist enemies.

In other words, fellow Americans, you are on your own.

[From an article written by Clare Lopez, a senior fellow at Clarion Fund, Inc., and a strategic policy and intelligence expert who focuses on the Middle East, national defense, and counter-terrorism.]


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NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis


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