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Overwhelmingly what I hear from would-be President Mitt Romney’s campaign is; “President Obama is a nice guy, whose policies have not worked”.

Well, duh, his policies have not worked.  When he came to office almost 4 years ago, he promised that the stimulus package he was proposing would keep unemployment from ever reaching 8%. Instead unemployment has never been below 8% during his Presidency.  President Obama promised that the bailout of the auto industry would “fix” the problems inherent in the auto manufacturing industry in the USA, instead GM finds itself on the path to insolvency again.  President Obama promised to fix the problem of ever rising healthcare costs in America, and yet under his watch healthcare prices have not just continued their rise but actually seen dramatic increases!

Yesterday Governor Romney said that in foreign policy the administration has had “some success” and some failures… I am quite sorry, but someone needs to inform Mr. Romney that there have been no real successes from this administration over the last four years.

The time has long since passed for playing these political games that the media so enjoys, of speaking platitudes while the truth is sugar-coated.  Every domestic “step” the President has undertaken, has been a serious and abject failure.

Illegal immigration has slowed but not due to any government plan, it has slowed because the economy is a shambles.  Today, illegal immigration is as dangerous for American as ever – so the administration has put drones in the sky to “watch over” Americans.  Instead of securing our borders the administration has decided to strip us of any sense of privacy by placing these tools of surveillance, war and assassination in the skies above our homes.

Every President since Richard Nixon has promised to find a way to make America energy independent.  This President was no different.  He promised us a new way forward using “green” technology, America would become a leader in energy production by turning away from nonrenewable sources of energy and turning towards green renewables.  How has that worked out for us?  Instead of helping, the greening of the American energy industry has proved to be a strain on our economy at the worst possible time.  The green energy lobby has proved to be as corrupt as any other corporate crony lobby, and the only thing moving forward is the massive debt incurred because this administration gambled with our money and lost.

On education; nothing but rhetoric and self-serving platitudes as America’s children continue to fall further and further behind.  Our education “problem” is swiftly turning into a monster rivaled only by the atrocity that is our national debt.  The further down the road we kick our education problems; the more drastic the measures we will need to take to correct the problem in the future.  We have learned nothing from our fiscal crisis, which if we had addressed in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s would be nothing close to the appalling problem it is today.

When it comes to foreign policy, I see even less success than here at home (where I find none).  The question the candidates often ask of the electorate in a Presidential campaign is “Are you better off today than four years ago?”  I think that this question suits us when it comes to foreign policy as well.  Four years ago we were mired in war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but democratic elections were taking place and it seemed that our enemies had taken to hiding in the shadows and caves of these far away lands.  Today, the world is a much more uncertain place – following the “Arab Spring” we have seen many dictators fall, but in their place stand Islamist Radicals whose goals are much scarier for the people outside of their borders.  While the dictators of these countries were certainly vile, we were in a much less precarious position when they held power.

In Libya the strongman Gadaffi was rightfully tossed from his “throne” and the people took his head.  In Yemen, the people turned against their despotic king and called for more freedom and stronger action against the lawless terrorist who rule the eastern portion of the country.  In Tunisia and Egypt the people yearning for freedom and the opportunity for self-determination through off the shackles of slavery placed upon them by their governments.  In Oman, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, and Jordan protests moved governments to action in the form of government reforms and more freedom for their people.  In Syria the country still rages in Civil War as an evil, despotic ruler clings to power with the help of Iran’s elite Revolutionary guard.

I can empathize with the people of all of these nations as they yearn for self-rule and self-determination.  However, the outcomes of the power struggles were never going to end well for the USA.  The people in position to gain from the fall of these despots were unilaterally radical Islamist groups.  None of these nations had leaders at the ready to liberalize their nations and turn them to a more secular government like the one shaped by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey at the turn of the 20 century.  Today the Muslim world is a greater danger to us, in part because of the actions (or inactions) of the Obama Administration… this has been made clear to us by the 9/11 riots that took place in Libya and Egypt and the death of three American citizens at the hands of al-Qaeda in Libya.

The Muslim world is not the only place that the President has failed us abroad.

China owns even more US debt today than they did four years ago.  China has also continued to close the economic gap, and is still growing at 7-8% while we are mired in 1-2% growth.  China has done this by “freeing” up their economy, even as we continue to chain ours with the dual burdens of regulations and taxes.

President Obama has showed no spine when dealing with Russia and has weakened our standing with traditional allies (like Poland, Estonia, and others) to kowtow to the autocrat in-all-but-name Putin.  Our standing with Russia has not improved, and we have hurt our allies and our friends.  In fact, they are literally begging the President to forget the “reset” and not to abandon them.  Mitt Romney was not wrong when pointing to Russia as a foe of America, their continued slide into autocracy should concern even the casual observer of international politics.  Their continued flexing and posturing towards the rest of the world (and Eastern Europe in particular) should be motivating us into action instead the Obama administration continues pounding their “reset” button hoping for a better set of circumstances – not realizing that in the real world, the only thing the reset button does is kill your leverage.

The EU is dying.  Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal are all falling apart because their governments spend more than they have.  European socialism is proving to be a failure and yet our problems continue to grow because we continue to attempt to apply European socialist remedies to our problems.  It didn’t work there and it’s not working here.  Our Government continues to funnel money towards the EU in the hopes of helping stop the inevitable slide into insolvency, but as the lessons from GM will soon teach us… you can’t save them if they won’t fix their own problems.

My fellow Americans, I write here today asking you to stand with me and oppose President Obama.  Our country and our world cannot handle four more years of abject failure.  If these last four years have taught us anything, it’s that a lot of bad things can happen in four years.  I shudder to think what four more years of this kind of failure might bring.

[by Onan Coca, writing for The Patriot Update]

As always, posted for your edification and enlightenment by
NORM ‘n’ AL, Minneapolis

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